About kuaby and What’s in It for You

kuaby [kwa-bee] verb
the act of researching, understanding or finding out more about an attraction, city or a country for an upcoming trip, journey, holiday or adventure.

Wayne Posing with KTM Komuter

About kuaby

Hey there, thank you for wanting to learn more about kuaby.

I am Wayne. I started kuaby to document places that I have been to and everything I know about them in a useful format, which you can then use to plan your upcoming trips.

Many travel to see the world, but the profound ones do it to know the world better.

Whenever I visit a new place, I try to learn as much as I can about it. I want to understand its history, purpose and the culture of its people from different perspectives. From thereon, I might even connect this new knowledge with what I already know.

When I went to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in 2014, I did more than just going there, take a few photographs and leave. I was fascinated by the Korean War. I even picked up a book to study the history of the Korean Peninsular after that. Now, I even have plans to visit North Korea one day to get their version of the story.

With kuaby, I want to share everything I learned from my travels with you.

The remarkable thing about wanting to know more about the world is that no matter how many times a country, a city, or an attraction has appeared in blog posts, videos or travel guides, there is always more to uncover.

kuaby is relatively new, but I am trying to grow it as fast as I can. If you have any feedback about the website for me, shoot me a message. This is not a site making millions of dollars, so I have all the time to read every incoming email.

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More About Wayne Liew

If you are reading this, and expecting me to be a nomad who is traveling the world, posting a ton of breathtaking pictures on Instagram, and enjoying life, you are in for a huge disappointment.

The truth is, I am just like most travelers. I have a full-time job, and I only travel overseas once or twice a year. When I am not overseas, I will explore Kuala Lumpur, the city where I am currently based, as well as other parts of Malaysia.

While I do want to make a living from this site one day, I started kuaby mostly as an outlet to apply what I enjoy doing. Even though I work as an online advertising specialist at an education technology company, I love to write, take pictures and build things online.

Best of all, growing kuaby allows me to put out work that others can benefit from, which I always find meaningful.

If you want to connect or have any question for me, shoot me a message. If you are into traveling, blogging, writing or marketing, you might find yourself another like-minded friend.

For quicker responses, you can interact with either one of kuaby’s social media accounts below:

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Until then, thanks again for stopping by kuaby.

Travel to Know the World Better,