Entrance to ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Not sure if you should book a room with ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur? You are on the right page.

In this independent and comprehensive ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur review, you’ll find out how my stay at the 4-star hotel went. Based on that, you should be able to decide whether you should stay here.

Let’s get started with a simple verdict that sums up my experience staying at ANSA.

Short Verdict

Thanks to its prime location right in the center of the Bukit Bintang shopping district, ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur is the hotel for you if you are arriving in Kuala Lumpur for a sightseeing, food or shopping trip.

Even though the room is a little cramped, the bathroom and toilet area is thoughtfully designed. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amenities that the hotel was able to put into the room despite the limited space.

Overall, the room is clean. There is not much to complain about unless you are a very fussy guest.

Don’t expect to find a wide range of facilities here, though. There is a spa that is independent of the hotel. You can find cafés and shops providing different services in the same building. But that’s pretty much it.

As for the hotel staffs, they are efficient and helpful when you need them.

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Why Should You Trust Me?

I am an advertising professional who is based in Kuala Lumpur, and I have been living in this city for more than 10 years.

Once every few weeks, I stay in a hotel to have a staycation or for a change in environment to boost my productivity. While doing that, I also write a review of the hotel, so travelers like you can make an informed decision before booking a room.

ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur Agoda Booking Confirmation

For this review, I booked and stayed in an ANSA Superior Room in ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur for 2 days and 1 night. It was for a staycation after a hectic workweek, but I also spent a few hours during my stay to write this review.

Unlike many hotel reviews on the Internet, this detailed review is not paid for, nor sponsored by the hotel. It is an independent review based on my stay.

Instead of going on a “press tour”, I explored the hotel on my own, and I took as many photos as I can. I also requested for basic services and asked common questions that any guest might have to evaluate the hotel’s service.

To help me produce more independent hotel reviews, and to keep this website running, hotel booking websites pay me a commission if you click on any links on this page to book a room.


Unlike Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, ANSA Hotel is at one of the most, if not the most happening street in the entire Kuala Lumpur.

Two cafés – a Starbucks outlet and another café called Greyhound Café share its lobby. Walking out from the building, you’ll come face-to-face with a street filled with cars and streams of people.

To your left, there is a shopping mall called Lot 10. And to your right, there is another mall called Fahrenheit 88. Walking to bigger shopping avenues such as Pavilion Kuala Lumpur or Berjaya Times Square only takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Along the street, you’ll find countless cafés, convenient stores, fashion outlets, restaurants, and food stalls.

In less than 10 minutes by foot, you can be at either the famous food street, Jalan Alor or a street known for its nightlife, Changkat Bukit Bintang.

If I can only give you one reason to stay in ANSA Kuala Lumpur, it will be its location.

Room Condition

Overview of Room Condition at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I picked the ANSA Superior Room for my stay. It’s not the most spacious hotel room (I’ll have to pay more for that), but I had a good first impression.

Upon entering the room, I was greeted by a nice lemongrass scent. The room itself is bright and has a welcoming layout. Furniture and cabinets inside the room are also pretty new.

When I came back from dinner on the first day of my stay, I paid attention to the smaller details and noticed that the wooden surface of the floor is uneven. It could be due to the typical wear and tear. Anyway, it didn’t bother me much.

Uneven Floor in the Room
Uneven Floor in the Room


The room is clean. I wouldn’t describe the room as spotless because I could still find specks of dust in remote corners of the room. You probably won’t notice it.

The bathroom is clean and dry when I first entered.

Towels and other amenities were also nicely arranged, so kudos to the housekeeping crew. I noticed some permanent stains around the corners of the bathroom. Again, just me being picky.

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From my room, I could see the street right outside the hotel as well as Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the popular shopping mall known for the luxury retail outlets it houses.

View from the ANSA Superior Room at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Aside from that, there is nothing much to see. Even though my room is on the 11th floor, there is still a taller building taking up 60% of the view.

The remainder of the view is another skyscraper that is still under construction.


I had a queen-sized bed in my room. Although I would prefer a larger bed, it is big enough for just myself.

Double Bed in ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Everything was arranged nicely to welcome me. As soon as I see the bed, I was ready to jump on it to have a nap.

The pillows are soft and comfortable. There is also a pillow menu. If your pillows are too soft, you can always dial up housekeeping and have them deliver a harder pillow to your room.

The mattress, on the other hand, is hard. And I like it like that.


Separeted Bathroom and Toilet

I usually don’t pay much attention to the layout of a hotel room. However, the bathroom section of my room has what I would call a thoughtful layout.

The sink where you’ll be using to wash yourself up in the morning and late evening, the bathroom, as well as the toilet, are all separated. There is a door for both the bathroom and the toilet too.

A layout like this will make things very convenient if there are a couple of you staying in the room.

I must also say that I love the rain shower!

Room Amenities

Wardrobe Inside a Room at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

For a relatively small room, I had little to no expectation when it comes to amenities. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by how much the hotel was able to pack into the room.

Here’s a list of amenities that I could find in my room:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Television
  • Fridge
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Towels
  • Hand towels
  • Vanity kit
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shower cap
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Hair shampoo

All the appliances are in working condition.

At one point, I couldn’t find the toothbrush and toothpaste. Most hotels leave them by the sink, but not here. They leave it in a small drawer. They have a label, but it’s wasn’t intuitive for me. I almost called housekeeping to ask them for it.

Toiletries in a Drawer at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

One thing that I love about the room is the number of power outlets they have. There are so many of them that you can charge your device anywhere in the room.

And yes, my room comes with free minibar items! There is only a bottle of orange juice and two cans of soft drinks in the fridge. Not for me, but hey, it’s free!

Aside from the usual television channels, the hotel is also working with ROOMIE, an app for hotel guests, to cast selected movies onto the screen.

ROOMIE App Guide in a Room at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

You can’t find as many shows as say, Netflix but it’s still a nice addition if you cannot find what you want to watch on any of the TV stations.

The only problem with the app is that it is very clunky and slow.

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Noise Levels

Noise levels are something I wondered a lot about before booking a room here.

The hotel sits right next to one of the busiest street in Kuala Lumpur. Aside from the crowd and traffic, there are also street performers and shops that are broadcasting their latest promotions non-stop through loudspeakers.

I checked-in on the eve of Malaysia’s National Day, which I thought will inject an extra dosage of all the above to the hotel’s surroundings.

Before reading what I have to say about noise, keep in mind that the hotel put me in a room on the 11th floor, which is about midway through the total height of the building.

During the day, I could vaguely hear the music and broadcast coming from the street. Honks, not so much. There is also the sound coming from the blaring of sirens. It happened for about three times throughout my stay. Thankfully, things did not get worse during the National Day countdown.

I am not a light sleeper, so my sleep wasn’t interrupted by what was happening past midnight.

During the day, I could hear people walking past my room. However, the volume is not loud enough for me to be able to decipher their conversations.

Wi-Fi / Internet Connection

You should get login information to the hotel’s WiFi network during check-in. The staff at the front desk will also walk you through on how to access the network.

All you need to do is to connect to the network, fill in a username and password when your device is prompting for it, and voila, you’re connected!

The following is the speed test result for the hotel’s WiFi:

WiFi Internet Connection Speed Test for ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It’s not impressive, but I could still browse the Internet and watch video on YouTube smoothly without any buffering. Uploading files to Google Drive and backing up large photos are painfully slow, though.


The staffs at ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur wear professional uniforms, look presentable, and speak good English. However, most of my interactions with them felt transactional.

They answered the questions that I had about amenities concisely, and they were actively extending their help to guests who seemed lost upon entering the lobby.

Almost nobody, except for the security guard on duty near the lifts smiled at me throughout my entire stay. But then again, it’s rare to see hotel staffs in Kuala Lumpur providing service with a smile.


I didn’t get to evaluate the service levels of the hotel staffs much. The hotel doesn’t provide in-room dining and the amenities provided are more than sufficient, so there is no need for me to make a request.

But as I mentioned earlier, the staffs are helpful and professional even though they don’t look friendly when they interact with guests.

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Check-in / Check-out

ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s check-in time is at 3:00pm, and the check-out time is at 12:00pm.

A Guest Checking-In at the Front Desk of ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

There was only a staff manning the front desk when I arrived. He was checking-in an old couple. That took around 20 minutes because they had quite a bit of question to ask.

When it was my turn, it took the staff around 10 minutes to get me a room and to explain how to access the hotel’s WiFi network.

The check-out process was fast. It probably took less than 30 seconds.


On the hotel’s official website, the list of facilities includes a car park, laundry service, a 24-hour concierge, and 24-hour security surveillance.

Awesome! But aren’t these facilities the least we can expect from a 4-star hotel?

If you want a wide range of facilities to enjoy during your stay in Kuala Lumpur, ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur will not be the place.


There are two entrances to the lobby. You can access the lobby through the main entrance facing the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang, or via the side entrance which is facing an alley next to the hotel.

The lobby features a small front desk just enough to service two guests at any point in time, but the rest of the lobby is spacious.

You will find many sofas around if you need to wait for your ride or to catch a breather after spending the entire day shopping and braving through the Bukit Bintang crowd.

Having sat at one of the couches to wait for a friend of mine, I must say that the lobby is a very comfortable place to hang around, especially because the entire space is very cooling.

Comfortable Sofas and Seats at the Lobby of ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Swimming Pool

ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur doesn’t have a pool.

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Spa / Wellness Center

The hotel shares the building with a spa. However, the spa is an independent business.

I didn’t get a chance to try it out, but the prices for massages are slightly higher than average. If you are on a budget but need a massage, I suggest trying other massage parlors or spas around the area.


I didn’t get a room that comes with free breakfast for two reasons.

The first reason is that there are many breakfast options right outside the hotel.

Secondly, I was able to tell from the hotel’s website that they will probably send me to either Starbucks or Greyhound Cafe, both of which are cafés located at the lobby of the hotel, to have my breakfast.

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a great mid-range hotel to stay at if you have a jam-packed itinerary filled with places to visit.

Staying in this hotel also means that you are very near to popular shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife areas in Kuala Lumpur.

You will enjoy a comfortable stay with a complete set of amenities and a very efficient crew should you need them. The cleanliness of the room, as well as the fairly new furnishings, are extras that you will appreciate.

However, if you are looking for a hotel where you can chill because of the facilities provided, ANSA will not be for you. You’ll probably feel bored after your first evening.

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Kelly, a lifestyle blogger from Malaysia, stayed at ANSA Hotel for a staycation around December 2018. Her stay was great, and the hotel staffs even made efforts to decorate her bed to make it look romantic. Head over to her blog post if you want to see it!

Ansa Hotel KL, prime location with comfy bed.

In November 2018, Hannah Chia paid a visit to ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a short getaway. Like myself, she loves the hotel’s location. She liked the bed so much that she starts missing it the moment she arrived home. Check out her blog post if you need more convincing before booking your room.

Contact Information

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For other inquiries, you can reach out to the hotel using the following contact information.


Email Address
[email protected]

Phone Number
+60 3 2146 5000

WhatsApp / WeChat / LINE
+60 18 223 3282

No 101, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

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