Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona Pocket Travel Guide (with Photos)

Sitting on a hill called Turó de la Rovira (also known as Rovira’s Hill), Bunkers del Carmel offers probably the best panoramic view of the entire Barcelona.

Take note if you are a photographer visiting Barcelona.

It is also one of the more offbeat attractions in Barcelona, a city crowded with tourists from all over the world.

Aside from the view, travelers usually come here for the beautiful sunset.

Having drinks, snacks or even a picnic while chilling and wait for the sun to set is a great thing to do here with your partner or a group of friends.

There are also information boards around if you are interested to learn more about the history of the site that goes as far back to 1938, during the Spanish Civil War.

Attraction Type

History, observation point, and landmark

xx Bunkers del Carmel Facts You Must Know

Even though most travelers visit the attraction because of the view it can offer, knowing a little bit more about the history of the spot will add a little meaning to your visit.

The following are some facts about Bunkers del Carmel that are worth knowing before your visit

Fact #1: Bunkers del Carmel used to be an anti-aircraft fortification.

During the Spanish Civil War, Bunkers del Carmel is an actual bunker that houses anti-aircraft battery.

The concrete platforms that you can find here used to be the place where soldiers mount large 105-milimeter cannons as well as masonry defenses. They were in place to shield Barcelona from air strikes.

Today, travelers who are visiting it use the firing platforms as spots to lay back and enjoy the gorgeous view of Barcelona in front of them.

Fact #2: People stayed within the bunkers’ vicinity until the 1990s.

After the Spanish Civil War, Franco came into power. Weapons were removed from the place and the whole area was left on its own.

However, many people were suffering from poverty and other issues among social classes. As a result, they moved to the abandoned bunkers and turned them into a residential area.

The area was known as Barrio de Canons, or the Cannons neighborhood. At one point of time towards the end of the 1950s, 7% of Barcelona’s population was residing in the neighborhood.

People continued to live there until the 1990s when Barcelona was awarded the opportunity to host the 1992 Olympic Games.

As part of preparations for the Games, Barcelona City Council decided to relocate residents of Barrio de Canons to other parts within city. This move resulted in the complete abandonment of the bunkers and its surrounding areas.

Fact #3: Food is allowed at Bunkers del Carmel.

Many travelers bring food to Bunkers del Carmel because they know it will probably take at least a couple of hours to take in the view that the attraction has to offer.

With friends or family, the moments spent together with the amazing view as a backdrop will be wonderful to experience.

Visitors are allowed to bring food here. Those who managed to secure an unoccupied concrete platform can even have a picnic.

However, please be considerate and clean up after yourselves before you leave.

Fact #4: There is mini museum at Bunkers del Carmel.

Today, aside from the magnificent view that it has to offer, there is also a mini museum.

The museum illustrates the role of Bunkers del Carmel during the Spanish Civil War and how it became a housing area for locals after the war ended.


Things to Note

The best time to visit Bunkers del Carmel is probably a couple of hours before the sun sets.
Do not climb onto restricted spots.
Flying drones in the area is not allowed.

Opening Hours

Opens 24 hours a day, but the area may not be safe at night.

Admission Fees



Information kiosk

Contact Information

Carrer de Marià Lavèrnia, s/n,
08032 Barcelona,

GPS Coordinates

41.419318, 2.1594655


Bunkers del Carmel is an offbeat attraction that is not difficult to access if you are comfortable hiking up a small mountain. Considering the beautiful view that it offers, especially during sunsets, the attraction is well worth the hike since it also doesn’t cost a dime to visit. Just bring some snacks, drinks, and a good company. You will be set for a nice evening here.


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