Country - Malaysia

klia2 and Its Air Control Tower

klia2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The Complete Travel Guide

klia2, the acronym for Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, is the low-cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The terminal was built to replace the former Low-Cost Carrier Terminal, also known as LCCT, to cater to the massive growth of low-cost air travel in the South East Asia...
Orange Dryas Iulia Butterfly at Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park, or Butterfly Park KL in short, is a butterfly garden that is home to many local butterfly species. It is an attraction you need to put on your itinerary if you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur with kids. It is located in the Lake Gardens area where...
KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL Tower / Kuala Lumpur Tower Travel Guide

You can always see Kuala Lumpur Tower, or KL Tower in short, from far when you are visiting the capital of Malaysia. This communications tower stands at 421 meters tall, and it is the 7th tallest self-supporting and free-standing tower in the world (tallest in Southeast Asia). Most travelers prefer to...
Entrance to Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (with Photos) Travel Guide

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur is the largest museum of Islamic decorative arts in Southeast Asia. It is home to more than 7,000 artifacts from the Islamic world. Despite the fact that it is one of the more unique attractions in Kuala Lumpur, this museum stays off the...
Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur at Night

Jalan Alor / Alor Road Travel Guide (with Street Food Pics)

Jalan Alor, known as Alor Road in English, is a street in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, it is not just another road in a bustling city. It is one part of Kuala Lumpur that is well-known for its delicious, authentic and affordable street food. As you venture onto...
Entrance to Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple Travel Guide

Thean Hou Temple is a Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to worship Mazu, the Chinese sea goddess. The six-tier temple was constructed by Hainanese living in Malaysia. It was completed in 1987 and was officially open to the public in 1989. You can find elements of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism...
Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur / Independence Square Travel Guide

Merdeka Square is an iconic square in Kuala Lumpur. This is where the Union Jack was lowered, and where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time on 31 August 1957. From then on, Malaysians celebrate the day as National Day. You can still find the flagpole that was used...

LRT Kuala Lumpur: The Ultimate KL LRT Train Guide

Searching for "LRT Kuala Lumpur" or "Kuala Lumpur LRT"? You are at the right place. The purpose of this guide is to answer all the questions you have about the light rapid transit (LRT) train service in Kuala Lumpur. The trains in Kuala Lumpur will become your primary mode of transportation...
KTM ETS Train in Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide

KTM ETS Train in Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide

KTM ETS (Electric Train Service) is a high-speed electric intercity train network running along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), KTM ETS is the fastest train service in Malaysia. Its top speed is around 140 kilometers per hour. With this guide, I hope to...
Kuala Lumpur Hotels with a View of PETRONAS Twin Towers

8 Kuala Lumpur Hotels with a View of PETRONAS Twin Towers: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for Kuala Lumpur hotels with a view of PETRONAS Twin Towers is not easy. The official website of hotels and travel booking sites don't tell you much. In fact, they might confuse you even more. It is usually not clear whether you can book a room with the view, or...
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