The Ultimate Gift Ideas for Travelers Guide for 2018

Colorful Gift Boxes

Christmas is less than 1 month away! Since you searched for “Christmas gift ideas for travelers”, the person who loves to travel must be someone near and dear to you.

Let us help you with that.

It doesn’t matter if he or she is your friend or a family member. The first step to getting the perfect gift for a traveler is to understand his or her travel style.

We sort all our gift ideas below according to travel styles and personalities. Every travel style and personality have a clear description. Looking through them, you will know which one of them fits your recipient best.

Already have that sorted? What you need to do next is to click on the travel style or personality that best describe your recipient. You will then get a list of practical gift ideas that fit right into your budget.

For every gift idea, we feature links to best-selling products on Amazon and top travel merchants for your shopping convenience. If you make a purchase or booking after clicking on them, we earn a commission to keep the website running at no extra cost to you.

For Everyone

According to World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals reached 1.2 billion in 2015. The organization is expecting the number to grow to 1.8 billion in 2030.

1.2 billion is a huge number, and the statistics did not even look at travelers who are traveling within their home country. If they did, the numbers would probably be 10 times higher. Just look around. Almost everybody takes an annual trip.

In other words, there is no problem treating everybody as travelers and buying them travel-related gifts this Christmas.

Passport Cover / Passport Wallet

Handmade Passport Cover

Having your passport ruined by water or mud when you are overseas is a nightmare. It is not a matter of life and death, but multiple trips to the embassy or the local immigration office will ruin your itinerary.

The scenario above makes a passport cover or passport wallet an inexpensive but useful gift. Aside from rendering protection against destructive liquids, it prevents criminal syndicates from identifying the issuing country of your passport. Criminals go after passport issued by certain countries because of their high value in the black market.

Passport covers come in many styles and designs. If you are looking for something a little special, you can buy passport covers that come with RFID protection. This feature prevents crooks from stealing information from the RFID chip in your passport.

Popular Passport Covers and Passport Wallets on Amazon:

Toiletry Bag / Dopp Kit

Men's Dopp Kit

A toiletry bag (or a dopp kit for men) is another essential item on every traveler’s packing list. It separates toiletries, which are often wet, from the rest of the items in our luggage.

A good toiletry bag or dopp kit needs to be durable and water-resistant on the inside. In case there is a spillage, the liquid must not find its way out and cause a mess. The best ones will be those that has many compartments or pockets for easy organization.

Popular Toiletry Bags / Dopp Kits on Amazon:

Travel Pillow

Kid Using a Travel Neck Pillow

You don’t need to be a world traveler to conclude that seats on airplanes, buses and trains are usually uncomfortable. This reason prompted many travelers to bring a travel pillow when they are expecting a long flight or an extended ride.

On top of being able to provide comfort, a travel pillow needs to be compact when not in use. If they are inflatable, the inflation and deflation process must be easy and quick.

Popular Travel Pillows on Amazon:

Universal Power Adapter

Multiple Power Plugs

A universal power adapter is also called a universal plug adapter or travel plug adapter. It is an essential device because we carry around so many electronic devices when we go on a trip.

The first thing to look at when buying international power adapters is the number of countries where you can use them. It is almost a standard for them to work well in at least 150 countries. Make sure they come with safety features like short circuit and surge protection too.

Next, you should also check out the type of devices they can support. The ones that charge small devices like mobile phones, cameras, battery chargers and razors tend to be cheaper. On the other hand, those that come with a converter or a transformer to power up heating appliances such as a hair dryer or iron are going to be pricier.

Of course, USB ports are always a good feature to have on a universal plug adapter.

Popular Universal Power Adapters on Amazon:

For Men

Have the men in your life been quiet about what they want this Christmas?

Ask yourself these two questions. They will give you some good gift ideas for men. What are the things that they always carry around with them? What are the personal belongings that they did not bother changing for years now?

Still have trouble coming up with anything? No worries. As long as they travel often, you can use our list of Christmas gift ideas below.

Anti-Theft Bag

Backpacker Exploring a City

Travelers are easy targets for identity thieves, snatch thieves and pickpockets. When we travel, we can get so engrossed with our surroundings that we stopped paying attention to what is happening around us.

An anti-theft bag prevents criminals from taking advantage when the scenario above happens.

Different bag manufacturers will have their unique features to prevent theft incidents. Almost all these bags block RFID scanning. The material used for exterior panels and straps is often slash-proof. Some bags even have nifty security features on their zippers.

Planning to buy one as a Christmas gift? Just make sure the size of the bag is not too different that what your gift recipients are using right now.

Popular Anti-Theft Bags on Amazon:

Beard Trimmer

Man Getting a Haircut and Beard Trimming

Unless they want to look like a caveman, bearded men need to keep their facial hair tidy when they travel. This makes beard trimmers a great Christmas gift for adventurous men.

Like any portable device, cordless beard trimmers with the longest-lasting rechargeable battery are always preferred. It is not easy to find an open socket in a public washroom. Not to mention that the open socket needs to be right beside the sink for us to plug in a beard trimmer.

USB charging, waterproof casing and a motor with low noise are all practical features of a beard trimmer that a male traveler will love.

Popular Beard Trimmers on Amazon:

Skin Care Travel Kit

Man Washing His Face on a Mountain

At home, men may not see the need to pamper their face with facial products. But this may change when they start traveling.

When you go on an adventure, your skin becomes more susceptible to dirt and bacteria. This is because your body gets more active than usual. It is worse when you wander abroad because of the change in climate, environment and stress levels.

Choosing a skin care travel kit is easy if the man you are buying a gift for is not using any skin care products at the moment. You can just go for anything that comes with face wash, moisturizer, and aftershave balm.

If he is already using some skin care products, try to find out the brand he likes. You will never go wrong if the travel kit is from a brand he likes.

Popular Skin Care Travel Kits for Men on Amazon:

For Women

More women are traveling every year. This is a noticeable trend since travel publications feature a lot more female travelers these days, especially when they do it solo.

Are you buying a Christmas gift for a lady who has an intense wanderlust? Let the list of gift ideas below lend you a helping hand.

Cosmetic Bag

Content of a Makeup Bag

Ladies want to look good and presentable wherever they go.

A cosmetic bag is useful because they can bring their cosmetics with them when they travel. Keeping all the makeup products in one place is assuring too. As long as you have the bag with you, you know mission-critical items, like your favorite lipstick or eyeliner, will be there when you need them.

Since makeup products come in small sizes, a good cosmetic bag should have a pocket or two to keep them organized. The bag should also have sufficient padding to protect fragile cosmetic bottles from breaking.

You should consider about the size of the bag too. A bulky cosmetic bag is worth sacrificing when a lady plans for what to bring on a trip. Why the additional weight and hassle?

Popular Cosmetic Bags on Amazon:


Woman Wearing a Scarf While Lying on the Ground

There are many ways a scarf can be handy for a woman. To start, a scarf made out of cotton or wool can keep someone warm and cozy. It can enhance a dress or add colors to an outfit. If the scarf is big enough, you can even turn it into a bag.

According to 101 Portrait Photography Tips by Jim Harmer, one of the most well-known photographers in the world, having multiple scarves allows someone to have more looks for photos. If your gift recipient wants to look different in every photograph when she travels, she is going to need more scarves.

Other than the uses mentioned, you can also use a scarf to cover your limbs when visiting religious attractions. Your recipients can comply with the rules and show their respect with ease if they have a scarf with them. Else, they cannot enter the attractions until they pay extra dimes for overpriced modest clothing.

Quality, material and style matter a lot for a scarf so do pay particular attention to them when buying. If your gift recipients do use a scarf on certain occasions, keep an eye on the styles they favor too.

Popular Scarves on Amazon:

Self Defense Spray

Woman Using a Pepper Spray

Criminals have a tendency to target ladies, especially when they are traveling alone. Carrying a self-defense spray arm women with a way to save themselves when there is a threat. A self-defense spray can temporarily incapacitate an aggressor while buying time for an escape.

When purchasing a self-defense spray, make sure it comes with a pocket clip or a key ring. Rummaging through her handbag during an emergency consumes precious time, and it can be the difference between life and death for your gift recipient.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only allows 4 oz. or 118 ml of mace or pepper spray in checked baggage. You must keep this in mind when you are shopping for self-defense sprays. The sprays will need to have a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Also, they cannot contain more than 2% by mass of tear gas. Else, there is no way you can bring them onto a plane.

Popular Self Defense Sprays on Amazon:

For Aspiring World Travelers

Travel is becoming a trending interest among many age groups. Yet, there are still many among us who are reluctant about taking the first step to explore the world.

Do you have a friend or family member who has been saying about traveling the world one day, but still hasn’t taken any action? Time to push them a little by getting them one of the items below this Christmas.

Geographic Globe / World Map

Australia on a Map with Pins

One of the ways to inspire and motivate someone to travel more is to get them a geographic globe for their desk or a large world map for their wall. Both of these serve good reminders of how much of the world that are still unexplored by your gift recipient.

A basic version of these items will do the trick.

If you want to splurge a little, you can find geographic globes with lights, magnetic levitation and other interactive features. World maps, on the other hand, have different sizes, color schemes and features. Some will come laminated while some of them will arrive in a frame.

Popular Geographic Globes / World Maps on Amazon:

Language Course

Tourists Asking a Local for Directions

Language is a big reason why people are holding themselves back from traveling to a country. They fear that their inability to converse with locals may invite inconveniences. Even though this is true, it is not a hassle that one cannot overcome.

If you know someone who wants to travel to a country, but the plan is put on the back burner because of language, then getting him or her a language course is a good idea. Instead of buying a random language course, you need to know which country is on the person’s bucket list, and what is the primary language used in the country.

A useful course has all the bases covered. It should have lessons to help you read, write, understand and speak the language it teaches. It should also have interactive exercises or simple games to help you remember what you learned. Some of these courses make themselves available on mobile phones and tablets as mobile apps so you can learn wherever you go.

Some courses charges a monthly recurring fee on top of the initial price you pay. Watch out for these disclaimers before making a purchase.

Popular Language Courses on Amazon:

Luggage Scale

An Overflowing Luggage on a Bed

A blunder many newbie travelers make is packing too many things for their trip. This is not a huge problem until they exceed the weight allowed by airlines. When this occurs, they will need to either discard their precious belongings or pay exorbitant baggage fees for the excess weight.

A luggage scale is handy in preventing the above from happening. Luggage scales are about the same.

Those scales that are pricier have additional functions. They come with a flashlight, a temperature sensor and some of them can also serve as a power bank to charge mobile devices. A lifetime warranty, which is always nice to have if you travel often, can also be the reason behind the more expensive price tag.

Popular Luggage Scales on Amazon:

For Backpackers

Backpackers love long term budget travel, and they try to immerse themselves into the culture of the places they visit. They also seek out authentic and local experiences.

As this is a group of budget-conscious travelers, they will appreciate any Christmas gifts that will make them more self-sufficient on the road.


Backpacker Looking at Mountains Ahead

Backpackers carry everything they need in a backpack.

If you are not into backpacking, choosing a pack as a gift may sound intimidating. But here’s the thing: the only three things you need to consider when buying a backpack for someone else is the color, style and quality. Whether it’s a daypack or a massive 70-liter backpack, your gift recipients will be grateful because moving forward, they have an additional option for which bag to take for future trips.

The bag a person is using offers reliable clues on his or her color and style preferences for a backpack. If you know someone is in the market for a pack, just ask what they have shortlisted. Not known as a travel equipment specialist among your circle? You can always conceal your intent by saying a nomadic friend of yours can offer some advice.

As for quality, you can place your confidence on brands trusted by the backpacker community. These brands include Osprey, The North Face, Under Armour, Deuter and Patagonia.

Popular Backpacks on Amazon:

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Travelers

Getting medication and treatment can be hard when you fall sick or get injured abroad.

The tendencies of injuries are higher for adventure travelers, and it is easier to contract illnesses when exploring third world countries. Yet, it is under these settings that you will face limited access to medication and immediate treatment. Thus, a traveler should always pack a first aid kit.

A typical first aid kit will have antiseptic wipes, gauze pads and bandages of different sizes, tweezers, safety pins, gloves as well as a pair of scissors. It should also have room for essential medications. Also, like all travel essentials, first aid kits for travelers must be light and compact.

Popular First Aid Kits on Amazon:

LED Headlamp

Man with a Headlamp Looking Down at His Own Hands

An LED headlamp is not only useful when you decide to camp out after trekking a dense forest or hiking a mountain. Speak to any seasoned backpackers, and they will all say a headlamp is an essential backpacking gear. This is because there are small towns and remote villages out there with limited access to electricity.

As compared to flashlights, headlamps are better because they allow the use of both hands to complete a task.

If you are buying, look for one with a long battery run-time and a reasonable beam distance. Water resistance is an important feature to look out for as well. You wouldn’t want your only source of light to die when you are trekking in a drizzle at night.

Popular LED Headlamps on Amazon:

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags for Sale

There is no guarantee that warm and cosy hostels exists in every town and city you visit. At times, backpackers may have to put up somewhere rugged, and this is when a sleeping bag is useful. For those who likes to backpack in the wild, a sleeping bag is a lifesaver because of the chilly nights.

Sleeping bags generally fall into three categories:

  • Summer bags
  • Three-season bags
  • Winter bags

Summer bags are light, but they do not come with as much insulation as winter bags. The degree of insulation is a major factor of price. Look out for the temperature ratings when you are choosing a sleeping bag. In most scenarios, a three-season bag should be ideal unless your gift recipient is traveling somewhere near the equator or a place with freezing cold temperatures.

Popular Sleeping Bags on Amazon:

For Beach Lovers

People who post quotes like “I need Vitamin Sea!” on social media mean it. They love swimming in clear turquoise-colored sea and taking a stroll at white sandy beaches. At night, a suggestion to join a beach party will always put a smile on their face.

Have a friend or family member who fits the description above? He or she will love our gift suggestions for beach lovers below.

Dry Bag

Dry Bags on a Bike

A beach lover’s favorite activities often involve getting wet. Their belongings, on the other hand, don’t necessarily enjoy being around water all that much. This is why a dry bag, also known as a waterproof bag or a dry sack, is essential for beach lovers.

The size of dry bags ranges from 5 liters up to 80 liters, and they come in different colors. For most of us, a dry bag between 5 liter and 10 liter is perfect.

Always pay attention to the durability of a dry sack before getting one. Read the reviews. Are they mostly praising the product or complaining about how brittle the material is? Your gift recipients will go mad if their items get completely destroyed due to a leak.

Popular Dry Bags on Amazon:

Solar Phone Charger

Hand Holding a Solar Phone Charger

A solar phone charger lets you charge our phone outdoors. Power plugs are scarce and even non-existent at a beach. Even though some beach bars may have an extra power outlet or two, they are probably occupied by other patrons.

Thus, the smarter way is to utilize sunlight, which is an abundant source of energy at beaches, to charge your phone.

A solar phone charger functions like a power bank or portable phone charger, but it recharges itself with sunlight. Look for one with a high energy storage capacity so your gift recipient can use it to charge at night or when there is no sunlight. Some models come with multiple USB ports to charge a few devices concurrently while some can be dustproof and rainproof.

Popular Solar Phone Chargers on Amazon:

Underwater Camera Housing

Diver Using a Camera with Underwater Housing

Device makers are pushing hard to make their products waterproof, but until then, beach lovers will still want to take pictures when they are diving or doing some crazy water activities.

If your gift recipient already have a DSLR, a good mirrorless camera, or a smartphone with a solid camera, then getting them an underwater camera housing will grant amphibian powers to their photography device.

Although an underwater camera case is cheaper than an action camera, buying one as gifts requires you to find out what type of camera does your gift recipients use. The depth rating of a housing matters too if you have a gift recipient who is a deep sea diver. A housing will stop operating at a depth beyond its depth rating, and it may even leak.

Popular Underwater Camera Housings on Amazon:

For Digital Nomads / Techies

The number of digital nomads is growing exponentially in recent years. Pieter Levels, a website developer behind multiple websites for digital nomads, projected that there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035.

Digital nomad is a term to describe a new breed of travelers who are mostly location-independent workers and freelancers. They bring their work or business with them as they travel around the world.

As you might have guessed, doing so requires them to stay connected to the Internet and utilize many technology gadgets. We feel that this is a common desire they share with techies. That is why we are combining gift ideas for both of them under this section.

Laptop Lock

Kensington Laptop Lock

A laptop is expensive, but for digital nomads and techies, it is even more valuable because it is their source of information and entertainment. They use it to store all their work too. Losing it will wreck havoc in their lives.

A laptop lock prevents thieves from stealing their laptop when they are unaware. For people who are traveling alone, they can walk off to the washroom without having to agonize about someone taking their laptop away.

Most laptop locks use a combination lock while some will come with a key lock. The pricier ones will have enhancements such as an alarm that goes off when unlocking attempts fail.

Popular Laptop Locks on Amazon:

Portable Charger / Power Bank

Charging Up an Apple iPhone with a Portable Battery Charger

We get uneasy when our devices show us the “Battery Low” notification. Someone who has his or her device plugged into an electrical outlet while sitting on the floor in a public place used to be weird. Today, this is happening everywhere. You can be sure people will appreciate receiving a gift that can power up their devices wherever they are.

Different portable chargers, also known as power banks, have different capacity. The capacity is also the primary factor that influences the price. Another differentiator between these chargers is that some of them can only charge one device at a one time while the rest offer multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices at one go.

As there is an abundant supply of portable chargers in the market, manufacturers are getting creative introducing vanity features like flashlight and memory storage into them to woo customers. Don’t fall for it because most users do not care about these functions.

Popular Portable Chargers / Power Banks on Amazon:

Waterproof Phone Case

Smartphones in Waterproof Phone Cases Stacked Together

Liquids are still one of the biggest enemies of your smartphone. You do not need to take part in the Songkran Festival in Thailand to see how water can turn your phone into an unusable brick in minutes. As we all know from people around us, this can happen in the bathroom, at the beach or when you are having a drink.

Other than preventing liquids from damaging our phone, waterproof phone cases these days protect a smartphone from scratches as well as damages in case we accidentally drop it.

To be certain of the waterproofing capabilities of a case, be sure only to buy those that comes with an IP68 rating. The IP68 rating gives an assurance that a case can do a proper job resisting the intrusion of water and dust.

Before buying one as a Christmas gift, find out what is the smartphone model that your gift recipient is using too.

Popular Waterproof Phone Cases on Amazon:

For Fashionistas

Fashionistas want to look good when they travel. Looking good is even more important today as people share a lot more of their photos on social media.

To impress fashionistas, you need to buy them gifts that will let them travel in style. The 35 Most Fashionable Instagram Accounts compiled by Rachel Sumner will give you some ideas on what are the latest fashion trends.

As for the specific items to get as Christmas gifts, continue reading to see the ideas we have for you.

Caps / Hats

Lady Posing in a Sexy Red Long Sleeve Blouse While Wearing a Gray Hat

People love to wear caps or hats to match their outfit. Apart from that, these fashion accessories also act as a sunshade when we are traveling on a sunny day.

Buying a cap for someone is easier than purchasing a hat. This is because you can match a cap with most casual outfits. As long as the design does not exhibit an offensive message, the cap will make a great Christmas gift. Of course, it is always better to get someone a cap with a logo of his or her favorite brand or sports team on it.

On the other hand, buying a hat for someone else can be tricky. The good news is that many hats come in one size that fit most head sizes these days. However, you still need to worry about whether a hat matches the style and face shape of your gift recipient.

You can search and read through the many guides online on how to buy the perfect hat for a man or a woman. If you do not want to spend the time, the general rule of purchasing baseball caps for guys and fedora or Panama hats with minimalistic designs for ladies tends to work.

Popular Caps / Hats on Amazon:


Lady Wearing Many Bracelets on Her Wrist

We are not talking about expensive pieces of jewelry made from gold and diamonds. In fact, these are the ones to avoid because they get the attention of criminals.

For gifting, you should be looking at jewelry that complements the style and outfits of your gift recipients well. The material used to make them does not matter.

For women, this can be a pair of silver earrings, a rustic bracelet or a necklace with a pendant. Most men are not into necklaces and earrings, so you are probably better off getting them cuff links, bracelets or tie pins.

Avoid religious jewelry at all if you are unsure how religious your gift recipients are. Be sensitive when choosing a piece of jewelry to be given as a gift. Pay attention to the meaning behind the engravings and design because they may cause a misunderstanding.

Popular Jewelry on Amazon:


Male Model Wearing a Pair of Sunglasses

A person can look hotter after wearing a pair of sunglasses. According to this article by Melissa Dahl, there are even multiple scientific studies to back this fact up.

Sunglasses come in a few types of frame, and the face shape of your gift recipients decides the type of frame you should be buying. As a general rule of thumb, angular frames look good on rounder faces whereas round, oval, or frames with slight curves complement angular face shapes.

You will also need to know what lens sizes fit your gift recipients. If you do not want them to know about your plans, you can get the measurements from their existing pair of sunglasses or measure their face size yourself while they are asleep. Before taking measurements, make sure you have read a guide on how to get the frame size in millimeters.

Some other cool features to look out for include UV protection, scratch-resistant and shatterproof lenses, lightweight frames as well as a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

Popular Sunglasses on Amazon:

For Fitness Junkies

Aside from some light stretches and perhaps a few jumps to loosen our muscles, many of us put our workout routine on pause when we travel.

However, we all have this person in our lives who is crazy about getting fit and staying healthy. He or she will still take a long jog, practice yoga or go to the gym to lift some weights even during a trip. Well, you have a traveling fitness junkie right there!

There are various exercise equipment and accessories out there, but the problem is in finding one that is portable, compact and useful at the same time for the fitness junkie who travels. No worries! We did the research for you, and here are the Christmas gifts they will love.

Fitness Tracker

Black and White Fitbit Blaze Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers let you acquire insights about your fitness and activities.

For a fitness junkie, stats provided by these devices provide are beneficial because they can find out how they are progressing towards their fitness goals.

Depending on the features they offer, the price of a fitness tracker ranges from $50 to $220. The most advanced fitness trackers can track activities, sleep, calories, steps, heart rate and more. Some of the models will also synchronize with your smartphone to put incoming call and text notifications on their display.

Popular Fitness Trackers on Amazon:

Exercise Mat

Storage for Exercise Mats in Different Colors

An exercise mat is not an essential workout equipment, but it does have its benefits if your gift recipients are into yoga or other floor-based exercises such as planking, pushups or crunches. For these activities, an exercise mat prevents its user from slipping when they are working out. It will make the workout session more comfortable too.

When you roll them up, however, they take up plenty of space. This is why for travelers, the better version of these mats are the foldable ones or those that come with a carrying bag.

A good exercise mat does not slip on most surfaces. They also need to be packable and light enough for your gift recipients to carry around.

Popular Exercise Mats on Amazon:

Sports Earbuds

Sportswoman with a Sports Earbuds Stretching on a Running Track

If your gift recipients are into working out, a pair of good sports earbuds could be on their Christmas wish list. This is because fitness enthusiasts listen to music, news or podcasts to keep themselves going when they are working out.

Tuning into music playing at a high tempo keeps you pumped. Certain workouts like running can sometimes be terribly dull, especially when you are doing it alone. Listening to news or podcasts helps a person to zone out when that happens.

A pair of good sports earbuds can hold themselves together when they come in contact with sweat and water. There must also be a feature to prevent them from dropping off your ears when you are working on some high-intensity workouts.

Popular Sports Earbuds on Amazon:

For Nature Lovers / Campers / Hikers

A large segment of travelers are into hiking, camping, and visiting nature attractions. They do not mind getting themselves dirty and sweaty while exploring what mother nature has to offer, and they enjoy the discovery process that takes place in the wilderness.

If you have friends and family members who are always raving about his or her adventures in the woods, mountains, rivers or anywhere that is close to nature, they will love you if you buy them any of the following as gifts this Christmas.

Camping Hammock

Lady in a Hammock Overseeing a Lake in a Jungle

A hammock is usually lighter than a tent, and setting one up is fast. Some campers and hikers even claimed that they could have a better sleep in a hammock than in a tent.

Today, hammocks are also a trendy household and garden accessory. Thus, only look for ‘camping hammocks’ if you are planning to get one for a frequent camper.

Durability and ease of packing are two important factors to consider before purchasing one as a gift. If you want to be a little more thoughtful, go for hammocks that come with a mosquito net. This neat feature will stop pesky mosquitos from disturbing your gift recipients when they are having a good night’s sleep.

Popular Camping Hammocks on Amazon:

Personal Water Filter

Man Pumping Water in the Wilderness Using a Personal Water Filter

You can split nature trekkers and hikers into two camps when debating whether backcountry water is safe enough to drink.

Some argue that water in the wilderness tend to be cleaner and less likely to be contaminated. On the other hand, there are also hikers who stand by their belief that no water is safe enough to drink unless you get it filtered and boiled.

Nevertheless, you will never be able to know the actual content of backcountry water unless you have the right scientific appliances. There’s always a risk of contamination when you are drinking unboiled and unfiltered water.

A personal water filter is a compact device that filters your water while you are drinking it. When your gift recipients are drinking backcountry water with a device like this, they get the assurance that what they are drinking is at least safe from most bacterias and metals.

Popular Personal Water Filters on Amazon:

Swiss Army Knife

Multifunctional Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife is a handy tool for hikers and campers. A basic model comes with tools you need for cutting, slicing, screwing, carving and more. The best part: you can put all that into your pocket!

This adventure travel gear fits nicely into any gift budget too. The price of a Swiss Army Knife starts from as little as $12. Depending on the number of functions a knife can perform, its price can go up to $1,000.

The cool thing about a Swiss Army Knife is that its size does not increase that much when it packs more features. If you are getting one as a Christmas gift for someone, buy the model that comes with the most functions at a price that does not exceed your budget.

Popular Swiss Army Knives on Amazon:


Tent on Green Grass at Night

Camping in the wild is one of the best ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. To set up your tiny accommodation close to mother nature, you will need a tent.

Tents come in different sleeping capacity. Seasoned campers always get a tent with an extra human space. For example, if you are looking for a tent to fit two people, look for a 3-person tent. Doing so gives you ample room to move around and extra space for your belongings.

Go for tents that are easy to install and those that offer good ventilation. If you look hard enough, you will find some that come with neat features such as air mattresses, storage pockets, electrical access ports and divider curtains to split up sleeping spaces. A tent with these functions is going to impress any frequent campers, and they will be ecstatic to learn that they are getting one as a gift.

Popular Tents on Amazon:

Trekking Pole

Trekking Poles Planted Next to a Hiking Trail in the Wilderness

There are many benefits of using trekking poles during a hike or a walk in the wilderness. They make the entire experience more comfortable and less tiring. On top of that, they allow their users to take steady steps when crossing a slippery terrain.

If you need convincing on why trekking poles are great Christmas gifts for hikers and nature lovers, check out 10 Reasons for Trekking Poles by Chris McNamara.

Trekking poles made using carbon fiber are lighter while those made from aluminum tend to be sturdier and more durable. Good grips and easily adjustable locks to change the height of these poles are two features to look out for as well.

Popular Trekking Poles on Amazon:

For Parents

Bringing a kid on a trip can be more daunting than traveling solo.

Parents may feel completely exhausted at times, and they are unable to get any rest until their child falls asleep. While many parents gave up traveling after they had a baby, there are some who want to keep exploring the world.

If you are buying these parents who are consumed by wanderlust a Christmas gift this year, look for those that will ease their parenting tasks when they are on an adventure with their kids.

Baby Carrier

Dad Hiking with His Baby Using a Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is more compact to carry around as compared to a bulky stroller. Plus, there are many benefits to using it. It keeps a baby close to you, and it allows him or her to observe the surrounding environment. There is no better way to educate a toddler on how to appreciate travel than this.

Before buying a baby carrier to be given as a Christmas gift, you need to find out the age or weight of the toddler who will be carried around in it. Not sure how old a baby is? Fret not. You can always take the safer route, which is to get a bigger carrier so he or she can grow into it.

The best baby carriers are comfortable for both the toddler and the parent. Look out for features such as padded straps and support for multiple positions. Parents will appreciate a carrier made from easy-to-clean fabric too.

Popular Baby Carriers on Amazon:

Diaper Bag

Baby Items Inside a Diaper Bag

Instead of having a handbag or a backpack over their shoulders, parents traveling with a toddler will carry a diaper bag. They use it to store their personal belongings as well as their baby’s. It will also have a changing pad that provides comfort for the toddler when his or her diaper gets changed.

Ease of use, style, and storage capacity are all crucial factors to consider when buying a diaper bag for a parent.

Most diaper bags today are stylish and fashionable. Go for something that is similar to the tote bags or backpacks that your gift recipients used to carry around before they have a baby. Make sure it has enough storage compartments. It should also have easily reachable outer pockets for frequently used items.

Popular Diaper Bags on Amazon:

GPS Child Tracker

hereO GPS Kid's Smartwatch

Even the most attentive parents can sometimes get distracted when they are traveling. If their child goes missing, they get panic and have no idea where to start looking. This is why it is important for kids to wear a GPS child tracker during a family outing.

A child tracker is usually in the form of a wristwatch or a small device that fits into a pocket. They use GPS technology to log the location of the child who is wearing them.

For these trackers to work, they may require a SIM card with a data plan. Else, the manufacturer will charge a recurring fee to keep the trackers connected to the Internet wherever your child is. The SIM card will enable two-way voice calls between parents and their child too.

Once a GPS child tracker gets connected to the Internet, parents can get notifications on their phone when their child moves beyond a boundary they set. They can also find out the exact location of their children on demand.

Popular GPS Child Trackers on Amazon:

For Partygoers

Look into the travel itinerary of partygoers, and you will find a list of happening clubs, sizzling beach parties, and swanky sky bars. Armed with the “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) motto, they chill during the day and party like there is no tomorrow at night.

The names that come to your mind immediately when somebody mentions the word ‘hangover’ are probably those that fall under this category. Here are some gift ideas if you want to buy them something this Christmas.

Drinking Game

Beer Pong Setup

Hitting the clubs and going to the bars for drinks can strain a traveler’s budget. However, this does not mean you cannot have fun with a tight budget.

Whether you are in your dorm, at the pool or the park, drinking games are simple games that involve alcohol. The alcohol is crucial because it makes these games fun. Playing these games is a great way to break the ice with people you meet during your trip too.

Sometimes, all your gift recipients need is a deck of cards and some alcohol to have hours of fun. If you have more money to spend on gift shopping, you can get them a decent beer pong setup, a Lucky Shot Glass Roulette, a DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Game or other drinking games that promise more fun.

Popular Drinking Games on Amazon:

Glow-in-the-Dark Accessory

Glow-in-the-dark Bracelets and Wands

The usual spots where partygoers hang out like clubs, bars and pubs almost always have a dark environment. This setting makes it hard for typical fashion accessories to stand out.

Glow-in-the-dark accessories radiate in dark environments for minutes and even hours, after being exposed to light. You can find a huge variety of them online or at party supplies store. Glasses, bracelets, caps, as well as face and body paint, are the most popular glow-in-the-dark accessories.

As they usually come in packs of more than one, people who received them as gifts can then pass them out to others who are at the same party. Doing so gets everybody pumped up and jubilant for the night ahead.

Popular Glow-in-the-dark Accessories on Amazon:

Hangover Tea

Taking a Tea Bag Out of a Tea Cup

Drinking and partying are always fun until the very next day when a hangover takes over. It brings along headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness, and all these make it challenging for travelers to carry on with their trip. A mild hangover is enough to form a decision to drop certain attractions or activities from an itinerary.

A pack of hangover tea can help to soothe your body after a night’s worth of alcoholic drinks. Inside the tea bags, there are herbs and tea leaves that alleviate hangover symptoms. As your party-going friends drink it, their body gets hydrated too, and this will help them to recover faster.

People appreciate getting these teas as Christmas gifts because they can stop worrying about getting hangovers that almost always disrupt their travel plans.

Popular Hangover Teas on Amazon:

For Photographers / Shutterbugs

Knowing who among your friends fall into this category is easy. Just ask these questions:

Who carries a bulky camera with them when they go on a trip?
Who has a gallery of outstanding travel photos on their Facebook or Instagram profile?
Who spends a significant amount of time “processing” the photos they took from a trip before publishing them?

If you have people around you who are into photography, we have some ideas for what you should get for them as Christmas gifts. These gifts will both cheer them up and encourage them to live their passion for photography.

Camera Bag

Camera Bag Stuffed with Photography Gear

Avid travel photographers carry their gear with them wherever they go, and they can fill up an entire backpack with just camera accessories.

They do the above because they never know when the perfect moment will strike, and they will need the ideal combination of accessories to capture it. Thus, a camera bag is a must-have for any person who is serious about photography.

Two things matter a lot when it comes to buying a camera bag. First, the bag must fit all the photography gear that a travel photographer plans to bring along on his or her trips. If you are unsure, just observe the size of the camera bag that your gift recipients are already using.

At the same time, the bag should have sufficient padding and protection. As thousands of dollars worth of camera accessories will be going into it, no photographer will want to risk losing all of them by using a bag that offers inadequate protection.

Popular Camera Bags on Amazon:

Flexible Tripod

GoPro Action Camera Mounted on a Gorillapod

Unlike a typical camera tripod with three rigid legs, a flexible tripod comes with bendable and twistable legs.

You can wrap its legs around objects such as tree branches or poles. Doing so gives your camera the ability to take photos from unique angles and perspectives. A flexible tripod can also stand firmly on an uneven surface.

Flexible tripods on the market look almost the same, but each of them only supports cameras that are up to a certain weight. Keeping this in mind, you should first ascertain the weight of your gift recipients’ camera or at the very least, the model of their camera before buying.

Popular Flexible Tripods on Amazon:

Portable Hard Drive

Blue Portable Hard Drive

Someone who is passionate about photography can snap thousands of photos when they are traveling. To store these pictures, they will need to bring multiple memory cards or a portable hard drive with them. The latter offers more convenience because it has a larger storage capacity as compared to the former. It is also not as easy to lose a portable hard drive.

With a portable hard drive, travel photographers can transfer their photos and other types of media files across devices via a USB cable. This makes worrying about running out of storage space a thing of the past for them.

It is relatively easy to buy portable hard drives as Christmas gifts too. Like other storage devices, their prices are largely dictated by storage capacity and data transfer speed. Other than these two, the remaining features should not affect your decision on which model to buy.

Popular Portable Hard Drives on Amazon:

For Road Trippers

There are many benefits to taking a road trip. You get to travel at your pace, and you will see things that you would otherwise miss if you were to take a plane. Also, a road trip with your family members or friends gives you the opportunity to bond with them.

Gift recipients who fall under this category are those who know the main road trip routes in and out. Also, they are always bringing people together every summer or whenever there is a long weekend to go on a road trip.

Get them one of the gifts below and they might ask you to join their next road trip!

Cell Phone Car Charger

Car Charger on a Man's Palm

A cell phone car charger is an affordable Christmas gift you can get for road trippers. They rely on their phone a lot. They use it for navigation, travel planning, research, translation (in a foreign country), and entertainment. They also use it to take pictures and to share trip updates on social media. Thus, they cannot afford to see their phone’s battery go flat.

A cell phone car charger connects a smartphone to the electrical outlet on a vehicle, thereby allowing the phone to charge. Many car chargers have at least two USB ports. Some may have as many as six ports. However, they will start to compromise on charging speed when you plug in more devices.

Do not worry about getting an incompatible charger. Many car chargers come with different cables and adapters so they can be compatible with most smartphones in the market.

Popular Cell Phone Car Chargers on Amazon:

Car Mount

Using a GPS App to Navigate While Driving

Smartphones are becoming the go-to device to provide turn-by-turn navigation instructions. This makes a car mount an essential accessory for any road trip. Without it, the driver has to divert his or her attention to the phone while driving. Of course, doing so is extremely dangerous.

There are various types of car mounts. You can differentiate them by how they get installed in a vehicle. For example, both windshield and dashboard mounts come with a suction cup which you can attach to the windshield or the dashboard. There are also vent mounts which you can slip onto the air vents of your car’s air conditioner.

Most drivers prefer vent mounts and dashboard mounts over windshield mounts because the former does not obstruct their view as much as the latter. Aside from that, a good car mount must have a good grip because its user will fall into ‘panic mode’ if his or her phone falls off the mount while in use.

Popular Car Mounts on Amazon:

Roadside Emergency Kit

Fully Erected Warning Triangle

A car breakdown can happen anytime during a road trip. While we cannot predict when and where they will occur, we can prepare ourselves for it. As road trippers travel long distances in their car, a roadside emergency kit can help to get them back on the road quickly when their car breaks down.

The kit should at least contain the following items to get you out of basic roadside emergencies:

  • First-aid kit
  • Booster cable
  • Air compressor
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Warning triangle
  • Screwdrivers
  • Nut drivers
  • Duct tape
  • Reflective safety vest
  • Cable ties
  • Wrench

The price of a roadside emergency kit starts at around $15, and it can go up to $80. Of course, the pricier kits come with a longer list of items.

Popular Roadside Emergency Kits on Amazon:

For Students

More students are traveling despite the fact that only a low percentage of them are studying abroad. Thanks to articles like Traveling Teaches Students in a Way Schools Can’t by Amanda Machado, students today are more willing to spend months, or even years, abroad.

There are so many ways for students to explore the world. They can either volunteer, get a job overseas or go on an extended holiday before they start working. If you have someone around you who is embarking on an adventure for the first time since adulthood, you can surprise him or her with one of the following gifts this Christmas.

Card Game

Hand Holding Poker Cards

A good card game can fill a boring gap in your travel itinerary with fun and laughter.

On top of this, card games are great conversation starters. If you bring a card game on a trip, you can invite other hostel guests who has some free time to play with you. The excitement and interaction between the players will soon attract spectators and even more players.

The best card games for student travelers are the ones that are short and easy to play. A complete newbie should be able to start playing without a long-winded explanation. Make sure the game is compact in size too. Since card games are not an essential travel item, people will drop them from their packing list if they take up too much space.

Popular Card Games on Amazon:

Instant Camera

Black Retro Polaroid Instant Camera

Part of the fun of traveling is meeting and hanging out with people on the road. Although many of us capture these moments using a digital camera, instant cameras still have their place.

These cameras are great conversation starters, and they print the photos you snapped in just seconds. After that, you can either keep the picture or pass it to the person whom you took it with.

It is best to buy an instant camera together with its accessories if you are buying it as a Christmas gift. Doing so helps someone to start using it, especially if they never owned one. The common accessories include batteries, films with different filters and a camera case.

Popular Instant Cameras and Accessories on Amazon:


Legs in a Pair of Sneakers Sticking Out of a Car Window

Sneakers are the most versatile footwear for a traveler. They are not difficult to pack because they do not take up as much space as a pair of dress shoes. They also go well with a smart casual look, and they are quite comfortable to wear for long walks or moderate hikes.

Buying a pair of sneakers as Christmas gifts involves three essential elements.

First of all, they need to match your gift recipient’s footwear style. Pay attention to what your gift recipient usually puts on. Your best bet is to buy a pair of sneakers of with a color scheme and style that are similar to what he or she is wearing now.

Secondly, you need to know the shoe size of your gift recipients. You can talk to them or someone who is close to them. Else, you can take a peek at the sole of their shoes to find out.

Lastly, the quality and durability matters a lot too. Scroll through the reviews before buying. If a pair of sneakers cannot keep itself together for daily use, they will break apart when people wear them as their primary footwear for traveling.

Popular Sneakers on Amazon:

For Someone Special

The best gift for a traveler is a gift in the form of an experience. Experiences are memorable, and they bring long-lasting happiness. A vivid experience will also give your recipient a story to tell over and over again.

Moreover, if you are getting an experience as a gift, it doesn’t need to be a gift for him or her. It can be a gift for both of you to enjoy together.

Your concern in giving a gift of experience is that it is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can always contribute a small part to the upcoming trip that they are saving up for. To them, this gesture is more valuable than any material gifts.

Tour Package

Women White Water Rafting

A tour package, especially one with an activity that is on your gift recipients’ bucket list, is going to thrill them.

There are many tour packages to choose from online. The key to finding the right one is to find out what are the activities your gift recipients always wanted to do. Have a conversation with them. You can also try to gauge their level of interest by bringing up the idea of doing certain activities together.

Keep in mind of the additional expenses such as flight tickets and accommodation that they might need to fork out to “redeem” your gift.

Need some ideas? Go ahead and browse around some of the most popular websites below that offer tour packages of different themes and travel styles.

Popular Websites for Tour Packages

Flight Tickets

Wing of an Airplane Under the Sun

When a person budgets for an upcoming trip, the cost of flight tickets is always one of the bigger expenditure items.

Most people think flight tickets are expensive as gifts. Even if they can afford it, the idea will not stick around for long. This is because many of us still believe that to buy flight tickets, you need to have a confirmed destination and schedule. And it’s hard to buy them as gifts because you won’t have an idea of when your gift recipients want to fly and their desired destination.

The reality, though, is quite the contrary. Not many people know about this, but there are international airlines that sell gift cards for as low as USD25. The recipient of these gift cards can use them for their flight ticket purchases.

Knowing which airline your recipients prefer will help you decide which carrier you buy from. Also, make sure you have read all the terms and conditions before making a purchase, especially those governing the redemption process.

Popular Airline Gift Cards


Luxury Hotel Room with Room Service

Accommodation is another item that takes up a large chunk of spending when someone travels. As compared to buying flight tickets for someone, getting a short stay somewhere as a gift is easier.

There are numerous online travel agents today, and they offer so many options when it comes to the types of accommodation. From hostels and budget hotels to villas and luxury hotels, the only problem you will face is finding the right one that suits the taste and preferences of your Christmas gift recipient.

Most accommodation providers are lenient with their cancellation policies too if you regret your decision. Also, the only thing you need to book for another person is his or her full name.

It is important to balance between daily room rate and the duration of stay if you want something that fits your budget. You don’t need to pay for the accommodation of your recipient’s entire trip if you cannot afford it. Most travelers will be grateful enough if someone is willing to sponsor even a night of their stay.

If you want to, you can go the extra mile by surprising your recipients with a stay at themed hotels and accommodations.

Are they nature lover? Get them a stay at an ecolodge deep inside the forest. Do you have artsy and creative people on your list? A stay in a quirky hotel with vibrant interior designs will do the trick!

Popular Accommodation Booking Websites

Do You Like Our Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers?

We hope this list has been helpful for your gift shopping. As long as your friend, family member or colleague has an intense urge to explore the world, they are going to love receiving any of the items above.

Don’t worry too much about the budget you have. It is the thought you put into choosing a gift that counts. If you invested the effort to figure out what your gift recipients like and what they find valuable, they would appreciate what you bought for them.

Let us know if any of the Christmas gift ideas make its way onto your shopping list. Share it with us if you have gift ideas that we didn’t include in the list above too. Happy Christmas gift shopping!

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