The Ultimate List of the Best Luggage Sales and Deals in Malaysia

You probably searched for “luggage sale Malaysia” or “luggage deals Malaysia” before arriving on this page.

This page is exactly what you are looking for. It has the latest and the best luggage deals from all over Malaysia, be it online or offline.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a carry-on, a duffel, a wheeled suitcase or a backpack. You’ll find what you need.

By Price

Looking for cheap travel luggage? In this section, you can find luggage deals sorted by price.

Lower than RM100

Are your friends and family members telling you that it is impossible to get a luggage piece for less than RM100? Well, it is possible. Just look at the list below.

Case Valker Foldable Expandable 5-Wheel Luggage
RM29.00+ | 41% OFF | Regular Price: RM49.00

Case Valker Foldable Hand Carry Bag
RM55.00+ | 39% OFF | Regular Price: RM89.90

iPolo East 20-inch Travel Luggage with Combination Lock
RM59.00+ | 63% OFF | Regular Price: RM159.00

Banana X Hard Case Travel Luggage
RM59.99+ | 45% OFF | Regular Price: RM109.00

Hello Kitty Travel Luggage 20-inch
RM64.90+ | 41% OFF | Regular Price: RM109.90

Luggage ABS Suitcase 20-inch
RM64.90+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM109.00

Cosmic Traveller Streamer Diagonal Luggage Bag Set
RM65.00+ | 38% OFF | Regular Price: RM99.90

Cosmic Traveller Shell Curve Luggage Bag
RM65.00+ | 54% OFF | Regular Price: RM141.50

Streak Travel Luggage 24-inch
RM65.90+ | 45% OFF | Regular Price: RM119.90

Cosmic Traveller Business Protector Luggage Bag Set
RM70.00+ | 45% OFF | Regular Price: RM127.20

From RM100 to RM300

Want to get something affordable but of better quality? The following list is just for you:

Urbanlite Ray Hard Case Luggage 24-inch
RM119.00+ | 80% OFF | Regular Price: RM598.00

Streak Design ABS Travel Luggage Set
RM119.90+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM199.90

Banana X 2-in-1 Hard Case Travel Luggage
RM119.99+ | 29% OFF | Regular Price: RM169.00

Luggage Set 2-in-1 20-inch + 24-inch
RM127.00+ | 36% OFF | Regular Price: RM199.00

Hello Kitty Luggage 2-in-1 Set
RM127.00+ | 36% OFF | Regular Price: RM199.00

American Tourister Rolland Spinner
RM139.00+ | 74% OFF | Regular Price: RM539.00

Urbanlite Ledge 28-inch Hard Case Spinner
RM141.00+ | 80% OFF | Regular Price: RM690.00

Luggage Plain 3-in-1 Set
RM158.00+ | 34% OFF | Regular Price: RM239.00

Case Valker Ketupat 3-in-1 ABS Luggage Bag Set
RM199.00+ | 33% OFF | Regular Price: RM299.00

29-inch Aluminum-Frame 8-Wheel Hard Case Luggage Bag
RM210.00+ | 47% OFF | Regular Price: RM399.00

From RM300 to RM400

Mid-range luggage pieces tend to strike a nice balance between price and quality.

Put in a little bit more money and get a piece of luggage that is more durable and of higher quality. Trust me. Finding a broken bag a day before your flight is going to be a nightmare.

Kamiliant Kapa Plus 5-in-1 Luggage Set + Organizer
RM320.00+ | 73% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,197.00

Airways Luggage 24-inch 4-Wheel Trolley Soft Case
RM329.00+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM658.50

Ricardo 32-inch Sherwood Soft Case Luggage
RM335.00+ | 41% OFF | Regular Price: RM564.10

American Tourister Clayton Spinner
RM335.40+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM559.00

American Tourister Lightrax Spinner
RM335.40+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM559.00

Urbanlite Conti 3-in-1 Spinner Hard Case Luggage Set
RM349.00+ | 80% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,770.00

Urbanlite Echo Spinner Hard Case Luggage
RM349.00+ | 87% OFF | Regular Price: RM2,769.00

Airways Pacific PP Hard Case Luggage
RM349.00+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM698.00

American Tourister Deluxe Spinner
RM354.50+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM709.00

Urbanlite Trapez 8-Wheel Spinner Hard Case Luggage
RM359.00+ | 72% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,264.00

From RM400 to RM500

Some travelers prioritize style and quality over price.

For certain trips such as a honeymoon or a dream vacation that finally comes true, you would want your luggage to look good and not cause any hassle.

If the above described your preference or upcoming trips, here are some luggage pieces to consider.

Swan Lite Single Zip Luggage Set
RM407.00+ | 60% OFF | Regular Price: RM680.00

Urbanlite Rubik 3-in-1 Hard Case
RM409.00+ | 68% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,264.00

Urbanlite Trapez 3-in-1 Hard Case
RM409.00+ | 68% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,264.00

Jeep Super Tough Soft Case 4-Wheel Luggage
RM420.00+ | 53% OFF | Regular Price: RM900.00

Valentino Creations NanoPro II Polypropylene Luggage
RM439.50+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM879.00

3-in-1 Playboy PC Hard Case Luggage Set

Guess Lustre CF 28-inch Expandable Hard Case
RM464.00+ | 51% OFF | Regular Price: RM938.00

Swan Light Luggage Set
RM499.00+ | 58% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,187.70

Kamiliant Harita 3-Piece Set B
RM499.00+ | 54% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,089.00

Valentino Creations Majestic Luggage Set
RM499.00+ | 76% OFF | Regular Price: RM2,037.00

Above RM500

Looking for the absolute best premium case for your next vacation? Since you are ready to splurge on your next luggage, we’ve prepared a list for you too.

These luggage sets or luggage pieces are made from premium materials and top notch workmanship. Many of them offer unique designs and durability so high that other luggage pieces simply cannot match.

Most importantly, they make you look good as you carry one around.

Marvel Avengers Endgame Luggage

Mountain Buggy Bag Rider
RM589.00+ | 8% OFF | Regular Price: RM639.00

Hush Puppies 29-inch PP Hardcase Luggage
RM549.00+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,098.00

Yeah OV 29-inch Real Aluminum Travel Luggage
RM559.00+ | 72% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,999.00

Barry Smith Trolley Pilot Case
RM599.00+ | 30% OFF | Regular Price: RM860.00

President Luggage Blaze SPC Bundle Set
RM688.00+ | 60% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,740.00

American Tourister Sens Spinner

Xiaomi Business 20-inch Cabin Travel Suitcase

Caribee Global Explorer 125L Luggage

American Tourister Trigard Spinner
RM688.00+ | 60% OFF | Regular Price: RM1,740.00

By Brand

In this section, we categorize luggage deals by brands. Feel free to scroll through your favorite luggage brands to see their latest deals.

American Tourister

Not many Malaysians know this, but Samsonite, a very well-known luggage and backpack brand, owns American Tourister.

As such, you can expect a higher quality from a piece of luggage from American Tourister as compared to other luggage brands out there. In Malaysia, luggage pieces offered by American Tourister are more affordable than Samsonite too.

American Tourister Rolland Spinner
RM139.00+ | 74% OFF | Regular Price: RM539.00

American Tourister MV+ Spinner
RM199.00+ | 63% OFF | Regular Price: RM539.00

American Tourister Clayton Spinner
RM299.40+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM499.00

American Tourister Timo Spinner
RM323.40+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM539.00

American Tourister AT Troy Spinner
RM329.50+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM659.00

American Tourister Ellen Spinner
RM349.30+ | 30% OFF | Regular Price: RM499.00

American Tourister HS MV+ Deluxe Spinner
RM354.50+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM709.00

American Tourister Flashflux Spinner
RM369.04+ | 44% OFF | Regular Price: RM659.00

American Tourister Lightrax Spinner
RM395.40+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM659.00

American Tourister Sky Cove Spinner
RM461.30+ | 30% OFF | Regular Price: RM659.00

American Tourister End of Season Sale | 11 October – 31 December 2019

American Tourister End of Season Sale 2019

American Tourister is having an end-of-season sale for all of you for are planning a year-end trip.

You can get discounts of up to 50% on luggage pieces as well as backpacks. To find the deals, just go to their website at

Case Valker

Case Valker is a local luggage brand that primarily sells through their e-commerce store and online marketplaces in Malaysia.

Customers love the affordability of the range of luggage pieces it offers and how they are able to lower prices without compromising on quality. More importantly, delivery after placing an order is always prompt, which is critical for any online sellers.

Case Valker XL Size Foldable 5-Wheel Travel Luggage
RM35.00+ | 65% OFF | Regular Price: RM99.00

Case Valker Korean Trendy Foldable Luggage Bag
RM54.00+ | 58% OFF | Regular Price: RM129.00

Case Valker Fashion Gorgeous 3-in-1 Luggage Bag Set
RM78.00+ | 44% OFF | Regular Price: RM139.00

Case Valker ABS Premium Protector Luggage Set
RM78.00+ | 40% OFF | Regular Price: RM127.20

Case Valker Lasso Hard Case ABS Luggage Set
RM78.00+ | 54% OFF | Regular Price: RM169.90

Case Valker Thunder Tori ABS 3-in-1 Luggage Bag Set
RM78.00+ | 45% OFF | Regular Price: RM141.50

Case Valker Matrix ABS 2 in 1 Luggage Bag Set
RM83.00+ | 76% OFF | Regular Price: RM299.00

Case Valker Glossy Protector Luggage Bag Set
RM83.00+ | 50% OFF | Regular Price: RM109.00

Case Valker Glossy Bass 2-in-1 Luggage Bag Set
RM89.00+ | 66% OFF | Regular Price: RM199.00

Case Valker 24-inch Matrix Hard Case Luggage Bag
RM89.00+ | 75% OFF | Regular Price: RM399.00


Samsonite End of Season Sale | 15 October – 31 December 2019

Samsonite End of Season Sale 2019

Looking for a high-quality luggage piece for your upcoming trip? Don’t miss out on this sale by Samsonite.

The sale is taking place both in-store and on their e-commerce store. You may get discounts of up to 50% on selected items.

To enjoy the discounts, visit any of their stores or head over to their website.


Thule is a Swedish company producing a wide range of outdoor and transportation products. Some of its bestselling products include cargo carriers for cars, bike racks as well as backpacks and luggage.

In Malaysia, backpacks and luggage pieces by the brand took off quickly because of their quality and durability. Their sleek and minimalistic design successfully captured the hearts of Malaysians too.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus

Thule Subterra Duffel

Thule Crossover Duffel Pack 40L

Thule Subterra Carry-On 40L

Thule Subterra Carry-On 22-inch

Thule Crossover Carry-On 22-inch

Thule Subterra Luggage 28-inch

Thule Crossover Expandable Suiter 22-inch

Thule Revolve Global Carry On Spinner 22-inch Hardside Luggage

Thule Revolve Wide-Body Carry-On Spinner

By Location

Luggage sales, big or small, happen all year round across different states in Malaysia.

In this section, we listed all the sale events by state, so you can find luggage sales near you.

Don’t miss any luggage sale happening in Malaysia! Get notified by email when we update this page.

Kuala Lumpur

SOGO Malaysia Travel & Luggage Fair | 16 – 24 October 2019

SOGO Malaysia Travel & Luggage Fair

SOGO is having a Travel & Luggage Fair featuring luggage brands such as Delsey Paris, Eminent, Guess, Hummer, Calvin Klein, and many others.

On top of being able to get your luggage piece for as low as RM99, you will also stand a chance to win a 3 days and 2 nights trip for two to Phuket, Thailand. Every RM30 you spent at the fair will earn you an entry to the contest.

The following purchase-with-purchase deals are also available:

  • With a minimum purchase of RM500, you’ll get to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for RM49.
  • With a minimum purchase of RM250, you’ll get an RM20 Men’s Connection voucher for free.

Ground Floor Centre Atrium of SOGO is where you will find the fair. Be there before October 24 if you are looking for affordable luggage pieces.


Universal Traveller Roadshow at Queensbay Mall | 22 October – 3 November 2019

Universal Traveller Roadshow at Queensbay Mall

Universal Traveller is having a roadshow for Penangites for are looking to snap up a piece of new luggage at low prices.

During the roadshow, you will find selected items with a discount of up to 70%.

There are also crazy offers such as Buy 1 Free 1 (yes, it applies to luggage pieces too), cash rebate for purchases that are RM499 and above, and two luggage pieces for only RM299.

New Luggage Release

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