kuaby's Monthly Report for January 2018

Welcome to kuaby’s monthly report for January 2018 that is long overdue.

For those of you who are reading this for the first time, monthly reports like this are how I document the efforts that I am investing into this very site.

I started publishing these reports since August 2016 and in them, you will find all the key numbers related to the site as well as the lessons I learned along the way.

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Let’s jump right into the what happened in January.

What Happened in January?

To be honest, kuaby made very little progress in January. Keep reading to find out why.

A Dip in Productivity

The fact that you are only reading this report now says a lot.

I used to publish my monthly reports before the 10th of every month, but in both January and February, monthly reports are coming out towards the very end of the month.

In both months, I spent very little time on kuaby, even though I wanted to do more.

Initially, it was just the preparation for my trip to Hat Yai, Thailand with friends and the recovery from it that are slowing me down.

Hat Yai, Thailand Trip with Awesome Friends – Day 1 | Day 223 | Daily Wayne

First day of my trip to Hat Yai with a bunch of awesome friends. It's amazing how it is still possible for 11 people to come together, despite our busy schedules and commitments, and go on a trip together.As I am editing the video, I already miss the laughter, jokes and conversations that we had throughout the trip. Let's plan for more. 🙂

Posted by Wayne Liew on Monday, January 29, 2018

But right after that, I hopped onto a fitness program, which heavily rocked my routines.

My First Workout Session at the Gym – PUSH! | Day 226 | Daily Wayne

You've seen how shitty my day was when I had my fitness assessment. The video below is for the day when I had my FIRST training session.Push, push, push, push…. PUSH! 😂😂😂

Posted by Wayne Liew on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Although I only need to invest around 30 minutes to an hour in the gym every week, sore muscles and my body requiring time to recover had an adverse impact on productivity.

To assist my body to recover, I also need more sleep. I can no longer get by with 4 to 5 hours of sleep. I now need at least 7 to 8 hours, and I will need to allocate fewer hours for this site and my daily videos.

As a result, I did almost nothing for kuaby in January. My daily videos are now almost a month behind.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not blaming my short trip with friends and working out. It’s just that I need to figure out how to make everything else work.

Until today, I am still figuring out that perfect routine for myself, but I am slowly coming out of that rut after more than a month.

Working out consistently is bearing fruits. I now enjoy higher energy levels on the days I go to the gym.

Let’s hope the momentum continues.

Simplification of Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are a key part of kuaby’s growth. Every month, they attract like-minded affiliate marketers and Internet entrepreneurs to this site.

However, producing them takes time away from the most important activity for kuaby – putting out travel-related content.

I have a tendency to overshare my experience. Over time, my monthly reports get longer, and occasionally, they even include irrelevant details. Hence, the longer time that I take to write and edit them.

Starting from this monthly report, I will only be writing retrospectively about the progress I made and the learnings I got out of it. I will stop writing about my plan for the coming month because they tend to change a lot.

Hopefully, doing so will help me save some time.

Abandoning Instagram for Pinterest

In November 2017, I wanted to diversify kuaby’s traffic sources, and I decided to start with Instagram.

After two months, I have to conclude that it was too much work for the traffic that it was referring to kuaby.

Not only that, I had to tweak my content production strategy just so I can post photos of different attractions from all over the world.

Again, just like the production of monthly reports, working on shorter travel guides take my time away from producing content that makes kuaby stands out – comprehensive attraction guides.

While the Instagram experiment was running, Pinterest was contributing a higher number of unique visitors even though it wasn’t my focus.

Pinterest Topped Instagram as Referrer of Unique Visitors

It is not something new. My visitors are already pinning my content to the platform even though I wasn’t very active on it myself. I first discovered this fact back in October.

If you think about it, Pinterest is an amazing fit as a traffic source for kuaby.

Pinterest App on a Mobile Phone

Travelers are using Pinterest to get inspired or to plan for their upcoming trips. Those who are planning a trip will love the depth of kuaby’s travel guides.

Moreover, unlike Instagram where the bio is the only place I can have a link, I can include a link as part of every pin.

As such, creating a vertical Pinterest-friendly thumbnail is now part of my content production process. Every travel guide on kuaby is not complete until they have their own Pinterest-friendly thumbnail.

In the next couple of months, I will also be experimenting with a few Pinterest tactics to see if I can grow the number of unique visitors coming from the platform.

Content Production Update


Work in Progress:


Profit and Loss Statement

In January 2018, kuaby made a profit of $5.30.


kuaby made $96.22 in January, reflecting a decrease of 10% since the previous month.

You can find the breakdown of revenue by sources below:

TOTAL REVENUE: $96.22 (-10%)

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TOTAL EXPENSES: $90.92 (-40%)

Traffic Update

kuaby's January 2018 Daily Unique Visitors Overview from Google Analytics

10,473 unique visitors came to kuaby in January. This number is 2% lower than December 2017, but 130% higher year-on-year.

The following are the top traffic sources for kuaby in January:

kuaby's Top Traffic Sources for January 2018 Based on Google Analytics

The screenshot below is a list of the most visited content on this site.

kuaby's Most Visited Content in January 2018 Based on Google Analytics

If you are interested, you can check out the Top 5 by clicking on these links:

Revenue per 1,000 Impressions (RPM)

Revenue per 1,000 page views or RPM is a metric to measure a website’s efficiency in monetizing its page views.

kuaby’s RPM for January is $6.65, down by 5% month-on-month.

I don’t know what the industry average is for this metric, and it is also not a metric that I am focusing on right now. Please share your RPM of your site with me if you are tracking this metric.

Community Update

I’ve replaced Instagram with Pinterest in the list above to reflect my new priorities on finding new traffic sources for kuaby.

Trying to Bounce Back from the Productivity Dip

It is painful to look at how much I was not able to do.

While I was conducting my mini retrospection, the thought that I could just be procrastinating too much came up as well. Since I know how most of February went as I am typing this, I can’t help but wonder if my thought is true.

Nevertheless, it’s time to stop wondering. It’s time to get my productivity back in place!

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