kuaby's Monthly Report for March 2018

Welcome to kuaby’s monthly report for March 2018!

Reading this for the first time? Let me explain what this report is all about.

Since August 2016, I’ve been documenting my progress of growing this website from scratch by publishing monthly reports like this.

It is like a digital journal where I can jot down all the key numbers related to the growth of the site, what I did to grow it, and the lessons I learned along the way.

If you are an aspiring Internet entrepreneur or travel blogger, you will love these reports because they give you a glimpse of how things are before you embark on your own project.

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Without further ado, let’s jump into what happened last month!

What Happened in March?

To be honest, even though I invested more efforts into the site last month, I didn’t make much progress in content production and marketing.

I completed the travel guide on KLIA, and that’s probably my biggest accomplishment in March.

But here’s something that delivered a setback to kuaby’s revenue growth during the month…

Trivago Discontinued Its Affiliate Program

Around early March, I received an email from Trivago announcing that the company will be shutting down its affiliate program in less than a month.

Trivago's Email About the Shutting Down of Its Affiliate Program

It was very disheartening to read the email, but there is nothing I can do. The affiliate program will still go away whether I like the decision or not.

The program made up 38% of kuaby’s revenue in January, and it continues to contribute a significant chunk of income after that.

Out of all revenue sources, it also has the most potential to increase since the service is a well-known brand in the hotel price comparison space.

After this move by Trivago, I will have to seek for alternative revenue sources or double down on the other affiliate programs that I am promoting.

Right now, it is not clear how I will tackle this, but producing more commerce content will definitely help.

Content Production Update

Just like February, I didn’t start working on any new content pieces in March. However, I did complete the editing of KLIA’s travel guide.

Work in Progress:


In April, I am aiming to complete at least three drafts from the Work in Progress list above.

Profit and Loss Statement

kuaby made a loss of $1.59 in March.


kuaby earned a total of $90.81 in March, a 62% month-on-month increase from February.

You can find the breakdown of revenue by sources below:

TOTAL REVENUE: $90.81 (+62%)

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TOTAL EXPENSES: $92.40 (+2%)

Traffic Update

kuaby's March 2018 Daily Unique Visitors Overview Based on Google Analytics

kuaby brought a total of 12,260 unique visitors in the month of March, a 16% increase from the month of February.

The following screenshot illustrates the top traffic sources for kuaby in March:

kuaby's Top Traffic Sources in March 2018 Based on Google Analytics

Here is the list of the most visited content in the same month:

kuaby's Most Visited Content in March 2018 Based on Google Analytics

Want to read the best performing content? Here are links to the top 5:

Revenue per 1,000 Impressions (RPM)

Revenue per 1,000 page views or RPM is a metric to measure a website’s efficiency in monetizing its page views.

kuaby’s RPM for March is $5.43, up by 39% month-on-month.

I don’t know what the industry average is for this metric, and it is also not a metric that I am focusing on right now. Please share your RPM of your site with me if you are tracking this metric.

Community Update

  • Email Subscribers: 157 (+6%)
  • Pinterest: 85 (-1%)

Execution, Execution, and Execution

As I am writing this, we are already in the second quarter of the year.

Time flies…

I’ve spent the last 3 months slacking despite the multiple reminders I gave myself through my monthly reports and daily videos.

Again, I am giving myself this reminder. But the reminder this must be the last.

If I don’t put in more efforts into this site, my daily videos, or anything that I set out to do, none of them will succeed.

It’s time to buck up. Here’s to a month filled with execution. Let’s go!

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