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Short Verdict

In short, Seminyak Square Hotel will offer a whole lot more than what you are expecting if you are after a basic, but clean place to put up after a long day of strolling under the hot sun in Bali.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I was traveling around Bali for almost 3 weeks. Seminyak, together with Canggu and Ubud were all part of my itinerary.

When I was in Seminyak, I stayed in Seminyak Square Hotel’s Superior Room. I initially booked for a Standard Room, but the front desk decided to give me a free upgrade without my knowledge. It is only until later when my friends checked-in to their Standard Room that I got a free upgrade.

Unlike many hotel reviews on the Internet, this detailed review was not paid for, nor sponsored by the hotel. It is an independent review of the hotel based on my stay.

Instead of being brought on a “press tour”, I explored hotel facilities on my own, took as many photos as I can, requested for basic services, and asked questions that any guest might have to its staffs just to evaluate their service.

To help me produce more independent hotel reviews, and to keep this website running, clicking on any links on this page to book a room at Seminyak Square Hotel will earn me a commission from hotel booking websites.

I try to work with as many major hotel booking sites as I can, so you can use your favorite site to book your stay.


Location was on the top of my head when I was looking to book a place to stay in Seminyak.

As I knew I will be staying alone, I wanted a centrally-located place that will give me close proximity to points of interest such as restaurants, cafés, beaches, nightlife venues as well as convenience stores.

Seminyak Square Hotel fulfilled the criteria above.

The hotel sits right on top of a row of shops and restaurants, right next to a shopping mall, a bazaar selling clothes and other fashion items as well as some of the busiest streets in town.

Even though the hotel does not have an adjacent beach, the nearest beach, Double Six Beach, is just 10 minutes walk away.

If you are planning to get around in a car, then the only downside of the hotel’s location is how busy its surrounding streets are.

The area hosts some of the most popular restaurants and nightclubs. On top of that, it is also a hotspot for tourists who are looking to do some shopping.

From afternoon all the way until probably a couple of hours past midnight, cars, motorcycles, and taxis filled the streets.

Room Condition

As I was unexpectedly upgraded to the Superior Room, the ample space in the room gave me a pleasant surprise.

The interior design of the room is modern with a nice wooden touch from its furnitures.

With a large window that allows plenty of natural light into the room, it seemed as though the room has too much space for a lone traveler like myself. I was going back and forth across the room, wondering what to do with the ample space.

I also like how the floor is not carpeted. Since the staffs did such an amazing job keeping the room clean, I loved the carefree feeling of walking barefooted on the tile floors, and not having to worry about a pair of dusty feet before I jumped onto my bed.

This brings us to the next point – cleanliness of the room.


For the most part, I am very satisfied with the cleanliness of the room. Unless you want to be very picky, it is hard for you to find a spec of dust.

The only minor thing that the hotel can improve is the cleanliness of the area where you shower.

In between the tiles near the drainage, I was able to see permanent stains or even molds that might probably require more than the usual housekeeping session to remove.

The fact that yellow lamps are used in the bathroom could have made the problem looked worse.

Nevertheless, it is a small problem. I was still able to use the bathroom comfortably.


As I was staying on the third floor of the hotel, the view from my hotel room was not obstructed by other buildings.

However, other than the roofs of surrounding buildings, there is not much to see from the room.

One thing I very appreciate was the natural light that I was able to enjoy since nothing was obstructing the window.


The bed I had in my room was so comfortable.

Of course, I had a king-sized bed together with four pillows all for myself, but the bed itself is very comfortable. I also liked how the thickness of the bedsheet is just nice for me.

The mattress is soft enough to be comfortable, but hard enough to provide a good support for my back.

Aside from just sleeping on it, I also enjoyed working on my bed. The sheet, coupled with three pillows supporting my back, created a cozy setup for me to get work on my laptop done.


The bathroom looked small when I was checking it out for the first time as I settle into my room. However, as I started using it, I noticed it pretty much has everything I need.

Not only that, the sink, toilet bowl, and shower was nicely divided against one side of the space. This arrangement created a spacious corridor that allowed me to simply walk right across without having to do any sorts of zig-zagging to access the shower.

As I mentioned before, the drainage area at the shower may seem a little dirty, mostly due to permanent stains that accumulated over time. It shouldn’t bother most of you, because the bathroom’s overall cleanliness is still better than a lot of the hotel rooms that I stayed in, especially those that are within the similar price range.

Beside the sink, there was a bottle of lotion with a brush, which I suppose is for me to apply it to my body. Thinking about the fact that previous guests might also used it, I started feeling disgusted, and that stopped me from trying the lotion.

Room Amenities

When it comes to room amenities, I was expecting lesser than what was provided. Again, you have to keep in mind that I was upgraded to a better room, which might explain why amenities are better.

Here is a brief list of what was provided in my room aside from the basics:

Mineral water
Cups and drinking glasses
Coffee and tea sachets
Cotton buds
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shower cap

Of course, there could be more upon request.

The safe was a little problematic for me to use, because there were no instructions given.

I was trying to place my camera inside it, but I turned the knob a little too early. Even before I entered any code, the safe locked itself. There was no way I could get it to open. I even triggered the alarm, which wasn’t loud enough for anybody to hear besides myself.

It turns out that I needed to reset the safe before I can enter a new pin. The toggle to reset is not obvious, at least for someone like me who doesn’t use a safe at home.

The good thing, though, was that the staff who came to my room to help me unlock the safe did so in a very prompt manner. He also carefully explained how to use the safe properly in fluent English.

Noise Levels

The soundproofing of the room was not that great.

Even though when I was in bed or when I was working at the desk provided, which are both quite far from the door, I could still hear when people are chatting or walking along the corridor.

The good thing is that it didn’t happen often.

It is a good thing that rooms at Seminyak Square Hotel are not directly next to any street. You will not get disturbed by noises coming from scooters or cars. The most you’ll get are just chirps made by insects at night.

Overall, I was still able to work or sleep without any interruption at all from random noises.

Wi-Fi / Internet Connection

The Wi-Fi provided is fast enough for it to be usable. But before we go deeper into speed, let me share a little bit more about using the Wi-Fi.

During the check-in process, you will be given a room card with the login details to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi. When you connect to the Wi-Fi, it will prompt you for a login ID and password through your browser before you can access the Internet.

The problem I had was that I needed to go through the process of logging in on all my devices whenever I got back to my room. Moreover, I was switching connections between my phone’s data connection and the hotel’s Wi-Fi because the latter’s speed just isn’t fast enough for me to backup my videos.

Every time I switched, I needed to login again. It was a little painful.

As for the speed, it was similar to what I experienced at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa.

Here are the speed test results:

I was able to browse the Internet and watch videos on YouTube without lag. However, uploading my videos to Google Photos was much slower than when I use my phone’s LTE data connection.


The staffs whom I got the chance to interact with during my stay at Seminyak Square Hotel were warm and friendly.

It could be the general Balinese hospitality, which I found out during my stay at Frii Bali Echo Beach, but I couldn’t help but feel welcomed every time I meet a staff.

They always pause, and greet you with a wide smile.

Check-in and Check-out

Once I was done with the check-in procedures, one of the staff members at the front desk escorted me to my room while explaining to about the amenities that the hotel offers.

It was a nice touch to the whole experience. Not many hotels or even AirBnB hosts do this anymore.


The housekeeping team at the hotel did a good job of ‘reversing the room to its original state’.

When I returned to my room on most days, my room became clean and tidy, with my sheets clear of creases.

On one of the days during my stay, I decided to stay in my room to take a call in the morning. The housekeeping crew honored the “Do not disturb.” sign I hung on the door knob of my room, but were more than happy to return later once I’m done with my call.


The lobby is on the second floor of the building, making it slightly difficult to find after my GRAB driver dropped me off.

You might take a while to find it, but you should see a lift with the words, “Seminyak Square Hotel” on it.

Go to the second floor using the lift, and you should be able to find the lobby next to the hotel’s café.

The lobby is small, but thanks to the natural light, it didn’t feel cramped. Aside from the front desk, there is a couch for guests who are waiting for their turn and sufficient space for one to maneuver their luggage pieces.


Seminyak Square Hotel provided very basic facilities.

Aside from the pool and in-room dining provided by the café next to the lobby, I don’t think there are facilities that stood out to me.


The hotel has a pool on its second floor, the same floor as its lobby.

I did have a chance to walk past the pool, but didn’t have the time to use it.

At one glance, the pool is quite large for a pool that is inside a building. Also, it seemed pretty clean.

Nobody was using it when I walked by – once on an evening before heading out to meet my friends, and another time in the morning when I was on my way to the lobby for my check-out.

Lift Access

To access the lobby when I first arrived, I had to go up to the first floor of the building. After checking-in, I have to walk across a row of rooms on the same floor before I reach another lift that will take me to the floor where I am staying.

At first, I thought going in and out of the hotel will be troublesome because of the need to use two separate lifts.

However, I found out later that I can also reach the ground floor directly using the second lift.

Final Verdict


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Contact Information

Phone Number

+62 361 8469537 / +62 361 8469537

Email Address

[email protected] ([email protected])

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Jalan Kayu Aya No.100,
Seminyak, Kuta,
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361,

Review Summary

Location: 5
Cleanliness 4
Comfort 4.5
Staffs and Service 5
Amenities and Facilities 3.5
Value for Money 5


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