Taipei 101 is the iconic tower and architectural marvel in Taiwan.

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xx Taipei 101 Facts You Must Know

Fact #1: Taipei 101 WAS the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010.

Upon its completion, Taipei became the world’s tallest building, as well as the world’s tallest inhabited building with a height of 508 meters or 1,667 feet, overtaking PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It remained in the position until 2010 when the construction of Burj Khalifa in Dubai completed. Burj Khalifa stands at a height of 508 meters or 1,667 feet.

The tower has a total of 101 floors above ground and 5 basement levels.

Fact #2: The tower is the tallest and largest green building in the world.

Taipei 101 received the LEED platinum certification in 2011, which is the highest award based on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

The biggest reason for the award is that the tower is able to fulfill 20 to 30 percent of its water needs through its own roof and façade recycled water system.

With the award, the tower is the tallest and largest green building in the world, a recognition that it still keeps today.

Fact #3: Taipei 101 also used to have the fastest elevator in the world.

The elevators running up and down the tower travels at 60.6 kilometers per hour. At this speed, it can move passengers from the 5th floor to the 89th floor of the tower, or vice versa, in mere 37 seconds.

In 2016, the elevators at Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, China overtook the ones in Taipei 101 to become the fastest elevator in the world.

Fact 4: Taipei 101’s 101 floors symbolizes the renewal of time and pushing the limits of perfection.

The number 101 resembles the start of a century. The construction of Taipei 101 was taking place around the time when the world enters the 21st century.

For many traditions, 100 is the number of perfection, so the number 101 for Taipei 101 also symbolizes going one up against perfection.

Fact #5: The tower can withstand tough forces of nature.

Taipei 101 was built to face the harshest typhoons and earthquakes.

Aside from using construction materials like high-performance steel, “mega-columns” and piles that are driven 80 meters into the ground that were used to turn Taipei 101 into a strong tower with a solid foundation, the tower also has a 660-tonne steel pendulum suspended from the 92nd to the 87th floor of the tower, acting as a tuned mass damper.

There are also two smaller tuned mass dampers installed at the tip of the tower’s spire.

The purpose of these dampers is to minimize damage to the tower when there are strong winds or an earthquake. When the tower encounters strong winds such as during a typhoon, or vicious seismic activity during an earthquake, the dampers sway in the opposite direction of the force to offset or to counterbalance the load that the tower is taking on.

On August 8, 2015, the main damper swayed by 100 centimeters as a result of the strong winds from Typhoon Soudelor. This was the largest recorded movement of the damper.

Since the opening of the tower in 2004, Taipei 101 has survived more than a hundred earthquakes, large and small.

Fact #6: A 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Taipei 101 during its construction.

On March 31, 2002, a strong 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Taipei and affected the construction site.

As a result, two construction cranes that were at the 56th floor – the highest floor during that time – came crashing down and took 5 lives.

Upon inspection, it was concluded that the quake did not cause any structural damage to the building. Thus, the construction was allowed to continue.

Fact #7: The main damper is so popular among tourists that it has mascot.

Damper Baby, which comes with four versions – Rich Gold, Cool Black, Smart Silver and Lucky Red, is the mascot of Taipei 101’s main damper.

Sanrio, the Japanese company that was contracted to design Damper Baby, is the same company that produced the world-renowned cartoon character Hello Kitty.

Fact #8: The tower lights up in different colors depending on the day of week.

On different evenings between 6:00pm to 10:00pm, Taipei 101 will light up in one of seven colors in the following order:

Monday: Red
Tuesday: Orange
Wednesday: Yellow
Thursday: Green
Friday: Blue
Saturday: Violet
Sunday: Purple

Fact #9: Taipei 101 has both indoor and outdoor observation decks.

The indoor observation deck is on the 88th and 89th floor while the 91st floor is where the outdoor observation deck is located.

Both observation decks offer a 360-degree view of Taipei. The indoor observatory is at a height of 383.4 meters or 1,258 feet while its outdoor counterpart stands even higher at 391.8 meters or 1,285 feet.

At the indoor observation deck, you will find recorded voice tours in eight languages, informative displays about the tower and its history, as well as exhibits related to the tower. You can also take a look at the golden main damper here.

The outdoor observation deck is only open when the weather permits.

Fact #10: Fireworks at Taipei 101 on New Year’s Eve attracts tens of thousands of locals and travelers each year.

Since the opening of the tower to the public on December 31, 2004 and the subsequent New Year’s Eve celebration to welcome Year 2005, Taipei 101 has always been a popular landmark for both locals and travelers to celebrate New Year’s Eves.

The fireworks that take place on this date annually, usually after a concert featuring popular celebrities and a light show, never disappoint.

Fact #11: There is a hidden Starbucks at the top of the tower.

There is a Starbucks outlet on the 35th floor of Taipei 101. It is a popular alternative for travelers who do not want to enjoy the view the tower has to offer, but not pay for the admission ticket to the observatory decks.

You cannot just walk into the Starbucks, though. Before you visit, you have to make your appointment at least one day in advance by calling +886 2 8101 0701.

When it is time for you to go up, a barista will come down to the lobby of the building to pick you up. There is a policy to make sure every customer spends at least NT$200. Also, you can only stay for a maximum of 90 minutes.

And yes, window seats are very popular at the outlet.

All You Need To Know About Starbucks @ Taipei 101 ( published by Gail and Jem has all the details you need if you are interested to have coffee and some pastries while having a bird’s eye view of Taipei.

Fact #12 Xiangshan or Elephant Mountain is the best spot to view Taipei 101 in its full glory.

Although this attraction is not included in the standard Taipei 101 tour or ticket, many travelers still spend around 15 minutes to half an hour hiking up this small mountain about 15 minutes walk away from the tower to see it in its full glory.

Attraction Type

Landmark and shopping.

Name in Local Language

Mandarin: 台北101 (táiběi yīlíngyī)


Opening Hours

Daily from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

Admission Fees

You can buy your tickets through the official website (

Alternatively, you can buy them from the ticket counter located at the 5th floor of Taipei 101 Mall.

Priority Pass: NT$1,200 per person
Adult: NT$600 per person
Children Above the Height of 115cm: NT$540 per person
Children Under the Height of 115cm: Free entry

Students: NT$540 per person

Group Ticket

Groups of More Than 20 People: NT$540 per person

Group tickets are not available during weekends and on public holidays.


Free Wi-Fi
Service counter
Free equipment rental (baby strollers, wheelchairs, power banks, blankets, and child locators) for shoppers
Storage lockers
Currency exchange
Tax refund services
Breastfeeding rooms
Family restrooms
Services for disabled shoppers
Lost and found
Public phones

Contact Information

Phone Number

+886 (2) 8101 8800


No.7, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd.,
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110,
Taiwan (R.O.C.).

GPS Coordinates

25.0340028, 121.5644056


Taipei 101 is the icon of Taipei City, if not the symbol of Taiwan. As there are not many skyscrapers with an observatory deck so high up that is also open to the public, a visit to the tower is a must if you want to have a view of Taipei from the sky. Access to the tower is easy, but the price of tickets and the long queue during peak hours could stop budget travelers from going up to the observatory deck.

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