Taipei M Hotel – Main Station Review


Taipei M Hotel – Main Station Review

Your search for a hotel in Taipei that is near the Taipei or Ximen Station will probably bring up Taipei M Hotel – Main Station.

Eager to know whether the hotel will live up to your expectations?

Keep scrolling down to find out.

In this comprehensive review, I look at every aspect of what makes a great stay at a hotel, and where Taipei M Hotel – Main Station stands against that benchmark.

Short Verdict

No Taipei M Hotel review can start without mentioning that the hotel is located in a very convenient location for travelers.

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Why Should You Trust Me?

I was traveling around Taiwan – Taichung, Nantou and Taipei for almost 2 weeks.

When I arrived in Taipei, I stayed in one of Taipei M Hotel’s Fashion Double Room while my parents and siblings checked-in to the hotel’s Luxury Family Room. We stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights.

Unlike many hotel reviews on the Internet, this detailed review was not paid for, nor sponsored by the hotel. What you are reading is my independent view of the hotel based on my stay.

Instead of being brought on a “press tour”, I explored hotel facilities on my own, took as many photos as I can, requested for basic services, and put forward common questions that any guest might have to its staffs just to evaluate their service.

To help me produce more independent hotel reviews, and to keep this website running, clicking on any links on this page to book a room at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa will earn me a commission from hotel booking websites.

I try to work with as many major hotel booking sites as I can, so you can use your favorite site to book your stay.


First things first, both Ximen MRT Station and Taipei Station are less than 10 minutes away from the hotel by foot.

For travelers exploring the city on your own, staying right next to Taipei’s main transportation hub and its busiest shopping areas is very convenient.

Around the hotel, you will find many eateries, restaurants, food stalls and convenience stores. Food is really the last thing you should worry about.

Travelers usually stay in the Ximending area for two reasons – convenience and shopping. Aside from the train stations, there are probably thousands, if not hundreds of stores and stores selling fashion items, tea, souvenirs, cosmetics, beauty products, and many, many more in the area.

The hotel, being so close to the shopping vicinity, acts well as a base for travelers who are in Taipei for a shopping trip. You can literally drop off the items you bought, catch a breather for a couple of hours, and be out shopping again.

Unlike some hotels located at the center of Ximending, Taipei M Hotel is further away. Thus, the surrounding is stays quiet throughout the day, and walking on the streets around the hotel didn’t feel overwhelming.

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Room Condition

We stayed in the Fashion Double Room while my parents and siblings stayed in the Luxury Family Room.

Both the rooms were brightly-lit by yellow lamps. Of course, they had all the amenities that I would expect from any hotel in Taiwan.

The Luxury Family Room was very spacious, and the standalone bathtub room caught my attention as I entered the room for the first time.

There is also a coffee table with two chairs beside it in the family room. Guests can use this spot to relax, have a cup of coffee or tea, after a day of exploring the city.

The coffee table is non-existent in the double room.

When I stepped into my room, it looked pretty basic at first glance.

A queen-sized bed occupied one corner of the room. It took up the most space, leaving just enough space for a person to walk around it to reach the vanity table, the door, and the bathroom.

When we were laying on our bed, we could watch the television that was facing us directly. Naturally, the bed became the spot where we spent the most time when we were in the room.

The edge of the platform between the bed and the windows in the double room is starting to wear off. There were obvious attempts to keep it in place with tape. However, it didn’t bothered me beyond when I first spotted it.

The rooms, despite their basic interior design, seemed new, and they lived up to our expectation. It was a pretty relaxing 4 days and 3 nights stay when we were there.


When we first entered our room, it was clean and there is nothing we could be picky about.

The room felt fresh, and surfaces in the room were spotless.

However, the floor was carpeted all across. After a few days of staying there, you cannot help but wonder how clean the carpets are since wearing shoes into the room would have brought some dirt.

As for the bathroom, when we stepped into tit for the first time, the floor and every other surface in it was dry.

The hotel uses a stainless steel drainage that covers a wider surface than other hotels that we stayed in.

I think the wider surface area helped the clogging of fallen hairs to be less visible, giving the impression that the bathroom isn’t getting dirty as we shower.


If you want a nice view from your room, you might want to request for it from the front desk when you check-in. However, the chances are slim, simply because the hotel is surrounded by other high-rise buildings.

For the rooms we stayed in, there isn’t much to see from the windows. All that I can see were rooftops of other buildings next to the hotel.

It’s not like it is easy to reach the windows anyway. In the double room, I can only reach the window by climbing onto my bed. Moreover, the view outside is not worth the effort.

I was always more interested in what’s on the television than what’s out there.

The hotel does have a nice view, though, but only if you go to the rooftop on the 11th floor.


The bed was neatly prepared, waiting for our arrival.

As you can see from the photo below that was taken in the double room, the blanket even had very little creases on it.

Nothing to shout about if you are someone who is just looking for a place to pass the night, but it does show the attention-to-detail of the housekeeping crew.

The bed itself was soft, so are the pillows. Personally, I am not a fan of beds or pillows that are too soft, but I didn’t have problems falling asleep during the 3 nights I stayed at Taipei M Hotel – Main Station.

The blanket provided was light, but kept us warm. Also, it was very comfortable to snuggle underneath it.

All in all, the beds are nice enough that we wouldn’t mind staying in the room all day.

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Since we were staying in two different types of room, I got to see the differences first-hand.

I felt the bathroom in the double room that I was staying in was a little cramped. A glass wall separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

It’s best to describe the amount of space this way. You can have one person showering, another person using the sink, and the third person sitting on the toilet bowl at the same time.

That’s the maximum, and these people cannot be moving around, unless they are leaving the bathroom.

Room Amenities

Hair dryer
Coffee and tea sachets

Noise Levels

The rooms at Taipei M Hotel had poor soundproofing.

I stayed in a room right next to the lifts and water dispenser, and I could hear people’s footsteps and voices all the time.

There are notices in the corridor telling guests to keep their voices low, but most guests who are overly excited about sharing their latest adventures will probably ignore them.

As for noises from the street, I could barely hear any since I was staying on the 9th floor and the street where the hotel is located was never busy.

The poor soundproofing didn’t affect me much since I fall asleep easily. However, if you are a light sleeper, you might want to request for a room that is in a corner, far away from the lifts.


When you are checking into your room, the staff at the front desk will give you a simple set of instructions on how to connect to the hotel’s WiFi network.

From my room, I was able to discover many WiFi access points. There is also a port for wired Internet connection.

The following are my Internet speed test results during my stay at Taipei M Hotel.

As you can see, the download speed is very fast, and I had no issues watching online videos. The upload, however, was a little inconsistent at times.

When it was fast, I was able to backup all the photos and videos I took during the day to the cloud. Doing so is impossible on some evenings.

To sum it up, the WiFI at the hotel is usable. Almost every traveler who is reading this review will have nothing to complain about its speed.

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Taipei M Hotel – Main Station does not have a pool.


There is a dedicated section on the 11th floor of the hotel where guests can have a workout using one of the treadmills or dumbbells. There is also a workout machine for strength training.

I wouldn’t call the small section a gym, though. It is more like a workout area in a common space shared with the hotel’s bar.


Looking back at the time when I was deciding which hotel in Taipei to book, the photo of Taipei M Hotel’s rooftop definitely caught my attention.


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Value for Money

Final Verdict

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Contact Information

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For other inquiries, you can reach out to the hotel using the following contact information.


Email Address
[email protected]

Phone Number
+886 2 2331 0065

No. 64, Section 1, Hankou Street,
Zhongzheng District,
108 Taipei, Taiwan.


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